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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Emma's Buddy

Emma has a new buddy. We think his name actually is Buddy, but we're not sure. Anyway, they spend alot of time looking at each other over the fence. Emma barks at him to try and come over. Buddy even managed to pull out a board that they had nailed to the fence on their side and start digging. I hope my Bleeding Hearts still have enough roots in them to grow next year, but if that's the price for this friendship then I won't be too upset about it. The neighbors since replaced the board. But I hope I'll see them outside sometime and tell them they can let Buddy come over and play with Emma.

Anyway, here's a few photos of the two pals. (I took a couple videos too but the best one I accidentally erased ! So I'll have to try again)


Anonymous said...

Oh that is so cute! You guys should schedule a play date for them. :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

How cute are these pic..

Jo said...

How adorable!! They look like neighbors having a conversation over the fence. That 2nd pic is Buddy checking out Emma's manicure.

LOL :)

You're right... I DO love this post :)

Dana said...

AWESOME! I just love it! Emma has a BIG smile on her face in the 3rd photo. That truly is a genuine smile. I hope the Buddy's people are as friendly as he is! What a fantastic friendship this could be!

Sarah C. said...

Too cute! I hope your neighbors will let him over to play. Looks like the two are already good friends. :)