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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rescuing Sprite - Mark R. Levin

*** I have shut off the comments section in this post because of all you haters who keep coming here and posting rude comments. So I didn't like the book... big deal!***

When Mark Levin and his family meet the beautiful tan and white dog, they instantly fall in love with him. They name him Sprite as they already have a dog name Pepsi.

Soon after adopting Sprite, they come to realize that he is much older than originally anticipated. Sprite's health begins to deteriorate and this is the story of his two short years with the Levin family.

However, I found that Mr. Levin goes off topic several times and the story seems to be more about himself and his career than it was about Sprite. Mark Levin is a radio broadcaster and I noticed that he did a whole lot of name dropping throughout the book. I found myself rushing through the book trying to get to the next part about the title character.

I was left disappointed and wondering how this book ever came to be. The only reason I would even consider recommending this book to purchase is simply because the proceeds go towards animal shelters. I borrowed it from the library myself. Sorry, Mr. Levin, but your book needs to be rescued far more than Sprite!