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Monday, September 29, 2008

Finder's Fee - Movie

Finder's Fee - Starring Eric Palladino, Matthew Lillard, Ryan Reynolds & James Earl Jones. Directed by Jeff Probst.

When Tepper finds a wallet on the sidewalk, he discovers a winning lottery ticket in it. Soon he and his poker buddies find themselves playing for the lottery ticket with the owner of the wallet.

I love Ryan Reynolds, who doesn't? After all, that is a big reason why I picked up this movie. That, and the fact the movie's description sounded like it would be half decent.

However, I must say, I was quite disappointed with this movie. I found myself bored. And there wasn't enough Ryan Reynolds screen time to make up for my boredom.

While the idea of the movie was good, it was not written nor executed quite so well. Probst should stick to hosting Survivor.


Jo said...

Huh... I wasn't even CLOSE in my guesses was I??

I don't even know who Ryan Reynolds is, LOL!

I thought this movie sounded good too... not sure I'd want to rent it now though. Maybe I can watch it online for free...LOL :)

crystal wolf said...

I haven't heard of that one, I'll wait for it to come on cable.

PS I've been meaning to get you this link for a while, but have been sick and haven't blogged lately. These are the rolls that I use to make mini sandwiches for Hannah's lunches.

When we lived in Hawaii, Jen and I used to actually sell loaves of Hawaiian sweet bread as a fund raiser for girl's camp. It was so yummy and I was super excited when it started to be available in the regular supermarkets outside of Hawaii. They have round loaves of bread that are so yummy if you put spinach dip in them, now I am hungry thinking about it.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Maybe We will have to rent this.. Thanks for the Review..