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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Product Review: EcoTraction

(edit: I posted this thinking it was Tuesday, not Wednesday, which means my Wordless Wednesday post will have to wait til next week, or perhaps til later in the day, if I get around to finishing editing it.)

Product Review: EcoTraction

Even though it is technically spring, Mother Nature has not quite let go of winter yet. We have had some freezing rain the last few days, and that has had me on a mad hunt for some more EcoTraction.

I thought now would be a good time as any to do a quick product review and introduce you all to this environment and pet friendly traction agent.

I first found out about this before Christmas when my mom and uncle brought some for me. We had never used any salt or other products in our yard because we were fearful of it harming our dog. But EcoTraction is pet friendly.

According to the website, EcoTraction was developed after its inventor's dog died, followed by two more neighborhood dogs in close time frame. Upon investigation, they found out that other salt and traction agents contain ingredients which can be lethal for dogs and children. They set out to create something safe, and the result of that is EcoTraction.

I am here to tell you, this stuff works! I absolutely love it. I probably put more than necessary on the sidewalk and patio of my home but this is due to my intense fear of falling after having had several falls in the past that resulted in severe knee injuries. Supposedly, you should be able to use alot less EcoTraction than you would salt or sand, and if I ever get over my phobia of falling, I may discover this for myself.

I could only wish there was a path of EcoTraction everywhere I had to go in the winter time! I feel so safe walking with it but alas, it's only on my own property.

The website also tells me that EcoTraction is safe on your grass and plant life. So, when you scrape the ice and snow away from your sidewalks and driveways, there is no reason to worry about piling it up on your lawn where it will melt into your grass or plant life in the spring.

In my local area, EcoTraction can be found at Home Depot stores, as well as both Husky and Mohawk gas stations. With it being technically spring, I was unable to find it at Home Depot as they prepare for their spring/summer season but the 5 lb bags were still available at Husky. I wouldn't be surprised if I pull into every Husky I drive by and buy as many bags as I can until summer is completely here, and/or I suddenly get rich and can move somewhere warm year round. *wink*

Check out the website and see where you can buy EcoTraction in your area.


MindyLew said...

Sounds great - will have to give it a try - but I truly hope our days of snow are over!! I want to see spring/summer get here so bad!!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this. It makes good sense and is so much better than what I've been using. Thank you. :)

Sarah C. said...

I'd never heard of this before. Sounds like a great product especially if it's pet & child friendly. :)