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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Almost Hit A Deer

I had to go out today for a medical appointment. I really did not want to go out today for we have had freezing rain the last day or two. Not fun.

So, just as I am coming home, nearing the spot where I got hit by a semi truck in December 2007, I began to slow down as I always do in that spot for fear of being hit again. I was watching the off ramp to make sure no one was going to hit me and then I turned back to the road just in time to see a deer in front of me. I screamed and slammed on my breaks!

Thankfully, I did not hit the deer. Amazingly, I did not skid on the ice and nor did the car(s) behind me.

I had to pull over immediately and, when I did, I burst into tears. Uncontrollable, horrible tears. The Ugly Cry.

After a few minutes, I was able to compose myself enough to drive the last leg home, but it was very difficult to do so. It was less than 5 minutes from that spot to my house, but it felt like an eternity.

Just as I was nearing my house, I saw my neighbor with her 2 little boys walking up the road. I felt bad not offering them a ride, but there was only 1.5 houses between where they were and our joint driveways. Probably would have taken longer to get them in my car, moving my groceries and gym clothes out of the way than it took for everyone to get home, ice and all! (I say that in case you are reading, dear neighbor) Anyway, as I stepped out of the car, the youngest one must have sensed my need for a hug and he came over and surprised me with a big ol' hug. It felt so nice!

Then, when I came inside my house, my pup insisted on cuddling, and so, that's what we did. We cuddled and I cried, and thanked my little puppy for being in my life.

I almost hit a deer today, and once again was reminded of the fragile state of life. But I was also reminded that there is life surrounding me as well, and that hugs make everything better, even if just for the moment.

(although my fear of driving intensified a little bit!)


Caitlin said...

Yikes! That must have been so scary! I know exactly what kind of crying you mean- just gut wrenching, shaking, slobbering- I've been there! I am glad that you (and the deer) are okay, and so glad that you got some hugs!

Vickie said...

Oh wow, scary moment! Glad you are okay. It would have been pointless to pick up your neighbor. You made the right call:)

I am not crazy about driving either. I share your fear.

crystal wolf said...

So glad you saw the deer in time. Driving during this crazy spring weather is a nightmare.

Thank goodness for sweet neighbor hugs and Emma cuddles when you got home.

Lana said...

I'm happy for you (and the deer of course) that you didn't hit it. That would have been even more scary! I hope that deer learned a lesson!! :)

That's sweet you got a hug. I think sometimes kids just "know" when they are needed. :)

Joc(e) said...

Eeeeek...terrifying. I'm so glad everything worked out. The ugly cry sucks but hopefully you felt better when you were done...and I'm sure those hugs were the icing on the cake :-)


Teri said...

I'm glad you're ok! I'm not a fan of driving either :(

Anonymous said...

A big hug to you along with a lot of gratefulness that you were kept safe. :)

amber said...

I'm glad that everything turned out okay!

Sarah C. said...

That would shake me up too! I saw many near misses on the roads when heading home yesterday and was thankful to walk in the door as well. So glad that sweet young boy and Emma realized your need for comfort. ((HUGS))

Emalee said...

Oh How scary.....(I know a little late, I am trying to catch up on all my blog friends)