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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Then and Now

After seeing the photos from the Pawsitively Wild Pet Show that I posted, Jo exclaimed, "Look how much your hair has grown!!"

She was referring to this post from last September when I got frustrated with my hair and lopped it off. I have not cut my hair or done anything to it since that day. I couldn't really see that my hair had grown so much so I decided to take a similar shot of myself. Turns out she was right! It really has grown!

See for yourself... the photo on the left was taken on September 5, 2007 immediately after I took scissors to the locks, and the photo on the right was taken on September 14, 2008.

As for that nasty bruise?? Maybe I'll blog about that another time!


Jo said...

It STILL amazes me how much your hair grew!

And... your face in the "now" pic looks thinner too (now that I see them side by side vs separated by Emma pics on chat :) )

Sarah C. said...

Ter, you are so pretty! Love your hair both ways. Funny how we don't notice these little things when they are literally in our face everyday.

Ok, now what's the story behind the bruise? I didn't notice until you said something and then OUCH! And, on a side note, hope your DH's health is continuing to improve. :)

Anonymous said...

Holy cow!!! It has grown. I wish my hair grew that fast.

You have beautiful locks! :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

Lucky duck! Your hair is just lovely..

Denise said...

I like your hair both ways but I do like the shorter alittle more. Have you ever thought of donating your hair? (just because you have so much) It is gorgeous and would make someone very happy. I know my mom likes her new locks thanks to some caring person.

What a bruise you have and it is quite a story because I have never seen anyone bruise that badly from a scratch before.

Teri said...

I was going to say that your face looks thinner, as well! I really like your hair long, but I know it gets cumbersome after a while. After my SIL's wedding in December, I want to get mine cut in a stacked bob, angled upward from my chin...

Kimberlee said...

my hair hasn't grown that much in over three years that I have been trying to grow it.