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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Bruise

It's hard to determine my actual skin color. I guess one could say it's black & blue. I'm a bruiser and I have bruises all over my body. Most of them I do not even know where they come from. Just every day things.

But the bruise you saw in this post is one I actually know where it came from! It's stupid, really. I took Emma to get her nails clipped. The girl at the doggy salon scared Emma by not allowing any time for Emma to warm up to her. Emma freaked out and tried to get away. I was trying to hold her still but her paw went flying and scratched my arm. It really wasn't that big of a scratch. But man, the bruise.... everyone who has seen it thinks I really injured myself!

Sorry to disappoint those who asked... the story isn't THAT exciting!
Here's another lovely shot of the bruise.


Jo said...

OUCH! What else can I say??

Anonymous said...


Jen Sue Wild said...

Yuck!! and ouch

Sarah C. said...

Ouch! Glad it wasn't anything serious, but it sure looks, well, Ouch! :) Hope it heals soon.

Teri said...

Gosh that looks looks like my behind during my PIO shots when we did IVF...just HORRIBLE! Does it hurt a lot?

Kimberlee said...