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Monday, September 15, 2008

Pawsitively Wild Pet Show

We attended the Pawsitively Wild Pet Show. They announced the Canine Idol Winners there. We were late for that, but just as well, because Emma was unfortunately not one of the top 5 winners. Too bad. But she is still a winner in my eyes.

You can see the winning idols here. A couple of the stories just break my heart. Maybe I should've tried to gain sympathy votes by telling the story of Emma's docked tail! But seriously, congratulations to all the winners!!

The Pawsitively Wild Pet Show wasn't very wild at all, but it was a good opportunity for Emma to get out and be around other dogs and people. She is not used to crowds and decided to be a suck. Here's how she spent most of the time there:

Yes, That's right.... She's clinging to Mommy and Daddy. In fact, she was trying to climb up into our arms! I have never seen her like that before. But I gotta admit, it felt nice to know that she wanted to be with us!

Several people stopped us to ask us what kind of dog she is, and I noticed several more looking at her and saying "aw, look at that dog!" Lip Reading really comes in handy sometimes!

There were several vendors representing pet items and/or services. We got a few free samples.

We noticed a couple 1st Place ribbons up on the stage as we walked by. Emma jumped up all on her own, so I decided to take some photos of her near the ribbons. My camera does not take very good indoor photos. I can't seem to figure out the best setting. But, anyway, here's the best shot I could get that wasn't too blurry! Hopefully next year the photo will be legit!

Thank you again to everyone who voted!!! We appreciate your cheerleading and support!


Jo said...

OH, Emma! I'm sorry you didn't win. I think you are the best doggy paws down!

Big Hugs to you and your mommy and daddy!

Anonymous said...

Aww Emma is such a sweet dog. :)

Sarah C. said...

Bummer that Emma didn't win, but she's still top dog with me. :) So cute how she wanted to hold onto you two.

Jen Sue Wild said...

AEmmas a winner too me!!

glitzen said...

Doggie stuff is so fun! I entered my Dalmatian in a beauty contest once..they had swimsuit, talent, evening gown, the works! She even won. It was a real blast.