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I am a bereaved mother and wife. I began this blog to help me look for the "good things" in life after my daughter, "Babybear", died in July 2005. Three years later, her daddy, my husband, "Bear", died in November 2008. (You'll find a link to their stories on my blog) And now, as difficult as it is, I continue to look for the good things in my life as I learn my new normal with my pup, "Furrybear", at my side. And the angels on my shoulder...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Somewhat MIA and Some Bloggy News.

I'm not really MIA. I'm reading through some blogs posts, but not as many as usual. And commenting on only a very few. The reason being they are mostly about Christmas, and I'm trying to ignore the holiday. I really don't want to bring you all down, because you all deserve to be happy and enjoy the time with your families.

You'd think it would be easier to relax, not having to buy presents or wrap them or make a bunch of cards to write in, stuff into envelopes and lug to the post office to buy stamps. No where to go, and no company coming.

You'd think it'd be easier, but it's not.

I know I'd be complaining about the lack of time and how much there is to do too, if I were everyone else, but I'm not. This year, I wish I WAS, you know?

Now, I don't want this post to become one of my whiny ones. I reserve those for the cancer blog. I know not everyone reads over there, it's just too sad and depressing.

So, for now, I am busying myself with trying to get some things organized, like my email contacts and getting things set up for my blog renovation. I am still here.

And speaking of my email and blog organization, if I had your email address at one time or another, I have emailed you recently. I will be deleting email contacts that I don't hear from by the end of December. It doesn't mean you won't be able to email me, but I won't be able to email you. It also doesn't mean I don't like you or don't want anything to do with you. It's just a way for me to start anew with my email.

The new year will bring some changes to my blog that will hopefully make my blog more enjoyable to read. Watch for announcements and email updates.

Thanks to everyone who responded to this post. I have so many choices! Now, I just need to decide who I would like to design my blog layout and how much I can afford to spend. And we all know how quick and decisive I am. *snort*

In the meantime, I'd love to hear ideas from you that help you make your blog the success it is. What are some of your tricks to keeping it organized and a pleasurable experience for all?

What are some of the features on my blog that you like best, and would like to see stick around in the new year? Which tags on my blog's sidebar that interest you most?

What are some features you have seen in OTHER blogs or that you have on your own, that you might like to see on my blog?

And, should you have time or even want to, feel free to go through my archives and let me know some of the posts I've written that you like best.

While my blog is ultimately for me, and I'll do as I darn well want, I still would like to know what my readers like best. It's good for me to be aware so that I can challenge myself to be the best blogger I can be. It gives me a focal point and will help my writing skills improve.

Did you know, once upon a time, I fancied myself a writer? I thought I'd go into journalism and become some famous magazine writer. That never happened because I'm a rambler at heart, but I still attempt to write and still long to be the kind of writer that I love to read.

Also, before I forget, I am looking for people who would like to be a Follower of the Month in the upcoming months. If you're interested, please let me know. Either comment below or email me.

Just a few moments ago I said I am a rambler at heart, and if this post doesn't prove that, then nothing will. And so, I shall end this post before I ramble right into tomorrow.


LeMira said...

I know I just commented on your other blog, but I want to tell you here, too, that I hope that you won't feel completely alone this season(because I know that I know that no one can replace those empty spaces in your heart).

Jill said...

I think you should check out a bunch of blogs, see what you like, and make a design similar to one you like. I think your blog is lovely right now as it is.

I know you are trying to ignore the holiday, but know that I am wishing you a peaceful holiday and that you are not alone.


Caitlin said...

I think that you are a wonderful writer!

Audrey said...

I really like the background on your blog, even though I can only see the middle part :) - it's very easy to read on.
Rambling can be a good thing! At least you have something to write. There are days I'm happy that I have some features to post, or my blog would be blank!
If you happen to be in Altona over the holidays - we'd love to have you!! We don't really do a lot for Christmas - it's just us.
Have a great evening!
Oh - what is the "follower of the month" all about?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the holidays are rough for you, as they seem to be for a lot of baby loss Mamas. :(
I can't imagine all that you are going through.

Laura said...

I just wanted to say- I love your blog- I love the way you write and the look of it- I am thinking of you lots-especially during the holidays!!!
Huge Hugs-

Jenners said...

I'm such a huge believer that a blog should be whatever the blogger feels like writing about, doing or interested in. You have to do what you want to do or it will feel like work!!!! That said, I'd love for you to write more book reviews and share more of your photography. ; )

Vickie said...

I am sorry this Christmas is going to be hard. My Mom went thru that for a few years after my Dad died. I wish you peace:)

Regarding your blog. Try the three column look. It helps me keep my stuff organized. On one side I have all my craft stuff on the other is other blog related stuff.

Regarding the cookie dough, My kids school had a fundraiser where they sold cookie dough and popcorn. A couple of days ago it was delivered. I know you are supposed to bake it, but I love it raw. Though the past couple of days it has been giving me heartburn:(

Mary said...

You have a lovely blog. I just stumbled across it an it was just what I needed. I hope you feel peace and love this Christmas and always.