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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Follower of the Month: Amber

(I apologize for being late with this month's Follower of the Month!)

December's Follower of the Month is Amber of Viva Voce.

Amber is a newlywed who lives just a few hours south of me. One of these days, I hope to meet up with her. She has been a follower of mine pretty much since the beginning and has been very supportive during my trials over the last year or so. Thanks, Amber!

So, let's get to know Amber a little more, shall we?

1. What’s your name?


2. Tell us a little bit about you.

I am 26 (almost 27!) years old. I live in North Dakota. I grew up in a very small town (13 in my graduating class), and I gradually moved to bigger towns. ;) I graduated from college in Dec. of 06 with a BA in English and moved to my current city for a job that I absolutely love. I just got married on September 26 to an amazing man who makes all my days good days.

I love music (Alkaline Trio, Tegan & Sara, Death Cab for Cutie, Against Me, Say Anything, etc) and good books (I am currently reading The Middle Place). I also love margaritas, summer, the color green and Elvis Presley.

3. When did you start blogging, and why?

Honestly, I started reading blogs and I just thought that I could do it too. I have been blogging since the spring of ’07.

4. Tell us a bit about your blog(s).

It’s a mish mash of a lot of stuff. General life stuff, wedding planning, apartment hunting, life as a newlywed, and I have Fridays devoted to interesting things that I find on the internet or elsewhere.

5. Has blogging changed you or your outlook on life at all?

Yes, I think so. Through other people sharing their life experience, I have learned to be more grateful for my own.

6. Link us to 1-3 of your favorite posts from your own blog.

I am horrible at listing my favorite posts.

Being With You

You Know, Like An Anteater

7. Link us to 1-3 of your favorite fellow bloggers.

It’s hard to pick just three.

Apathetic Fish

Life on the Hilltop

Snapshots of My Life

8. How did you come to be a follower of mine, and why do you follow me?

You were one of the first people that left a comment on my blog. I had to return the favor, and I never stopped reading.

9. What, if anything, have you gained from reading my blog?

I don’t think people realize what an incredible amount of strength they have within themselves and you are living, breathing proof of that strength. Through many hardships, you have persevered. It helps me to better trust the old saying that God never gives you more than you can handle, and there is always a glimmer of hope that things will get easier and things will get better no matter the circumstance.

10 Tell me the truth, you’re going to brag to all your bloggy friends that you were my follower-of-the-month, aren’t you? ;-)



Thank you for being my follower of the month, Amber!

If you would like to be a follower of the month, just send me an email with "I want to be a follower of the month" in the subject line!


lisaschaos said...

Congrats on the marriage. :) Amber looks like a lovely lady!

amber said...

Why, thank you! :)

hilltopper said...

i cant believe i made it to her top 3 blogs!!

Ter, i dont think i have ever visited you blog before, but consider me a reader from now on, ya know what, im gonna follow.

Jenners said...

Amber is adorable looking! And she was married on my birthday ... which is really a meaningless connection but still!

Sid said...

I've found that I've become more aware of my environment thanks to blogging. I can spend hours looking at the horizon ...