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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Follower of the Month - Jenners

September's Follower of the Month is Jenners. You may know Jenners from either of her blogs: Life With A Little One and More or Find Your Next Book Here.

Jenners has a odd sense of humor that makes readers come back again and again. Her blog posts can be thought provoking or laugh out loud funny. You just never know what you're going to get when you hop on over to Jenner's blogs. She might have a book review, a silly game or a humorous story. She often pokes fun at herself, and I think this makes readers relate to her.

Her book reviews are more detailed than mine, but they never give away the story. There have been many times she mentions a book that I never heard of or never would have thought to read if it hadn't been for her review. (But I still refuse to read the Vampire Books!) In fact, I am currently reading a book that I won from her giveaway! And that's another thing, she gives away alot of books!

And now, please give a warm welcome to Jenners!

(don't you just want to steal that cookie right out of her hands?)

1.What's your name?

Jenners (my secret Internet persona who is way more funny and quick-witted than my real self).

2.Tell us a little bit about you.

I'm 40ish (ok...I'm going to be 42 this month), and I have a son who is soon going to be 5. I'm a stay-at-home mom because I'm totally lucky to have a hard-working husband (never hurts to suck up, right?) who allows me to stay home and care for our son and maintain the household (which I do very shabbily, I might add -- the housekeeping -- not the child-rearing). I love chocolate, warm bread and reading. I'm a total nerd, and I have photographic proof (see my favorite posts).

3.When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging in November 2008 because I felt like my brain was stagnating a bit being at home all the time. I needed a creative outlet and something that was "just for me." A friend gave me a link to her blog and when I saw it, I thought "I could totally do this." The rest -- as they say -- is history. (Well, that sounds a bit overblown but let's just say I now have two blogs and I blog way more often than the friend who inspired me.)

4.Tell us a bit about your blog(s).

Well, my "personal blog" is called Life With A Little One and More and is subtitled "The writings of a stay-at-home mom who found she had a lot to say." Although I include a lot of stuff about my family life, I also write about silly things and I like to play creative writing games. It definitely has a light, comic tone to it and sometimes I think it is more about the "More" in the title than the "Little One."

I also have a book blog called Find Your Next Book Here. I've always been an avid reader and I love to write and talk about books. When I first started blogging, I realized the book stuff might totally overtake my personal stuff so I created a separate blog just for the book stuff. It has been most rewarding -- I've gotten to interview authors, receive Advanced Reading Copies, and been exposed to more books and genres than I ever thought possible. The core of that blog is writing book reviews for all the books I read, but I've also gotten into participating in and hosting reading challenges.

5.Has blogging changed you or your outlook on life at all?

I think blogging has made me more confident in myself as a writer and as a person. The more I blog, the easier I find it to write. And I've been pleasantly surprised at the kind comments people leave me or people who stick around and read almost every post I write. Amazing really! It makes me feel like I have something worthwhile to say. And it has relieved a lot of the "stay at home mom boredom" I was experiencing.

6.Link us to 1 - 3 of your favorite posts from your own blog(s)

I think my "signature" post is "Evolution of A Nerd"

I've also had a lot of positive feedback on my advice for bloggers post called "Goldilocks and the Three Bloggers."

7.Link us to 1 - 3 of your favorite fellow bloggers.

Oh...that is so hard to do. I have so many blogs that I love. I'm just going to share a few that just jumped into my mind.

First of all, one of my favorite book blogs is ...a lovely shore breeze.Caite has a great grumpy sense of humor that just cracks me up -- I'll read anything she writes just because I enjoy her writing so much.

In the same category, I'm a big fan of Debbie over at Suburb Sanity

and I think Caitlin (your follower last month) should have a bazillion more readers than she does.

I could go on and on but I'll stop there. Just check out my blogroll!

8.How did you come to be a follower of mine and why do you follow me?

I'm pretty sure you contacted me one day after Yaya did a post where she thanked all her regular commenters and we were near each other on the list and you came over to say "hi." At least that is what I remember. Does that ring any bells with you? Anyway, I was so moved by your story and amazed that you had gone through so much but were still maintaining and going on with life. That inspires me and reminds me not to be such a complainer.

9.What, if anything, have you gained from reading from my blog?

Well, I have gained a new mission in life: to get you to read the Twilight books. I will succeed someday!

10. Tell me the truth, you're going to brag to all your bloggy friends that you were my follower of the month, aren't you? ;)



Thanks for following me Jenners!

If you are here from Jenner's blog(s) to read her interview, welcome. I hope you'll take some time to look around my blog and say hello. I would love to meet you too!


You, too, can be a Folllower of the Month! All you have to do is email me and let me know you want to be interviewed! Follower of the Month interviews are posted the first Saturday of every month. It is a way to get to know my followers a little bit and introduce them to my other followers!



Jenners said...

Thanks for having me here, Ter. And I will get you to read Twilight someday. I don't know how, I don't know when, but I will succeeed. ; )

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I really think you should read the Twilight books...

That said, I enjoy reading Jenners' two blogs on a regular basis. And I've checked out yours a time or two...

But you should really read the Twilight books, honest.

Anonymous said...

Yay Jenners!

Jennifer said...

Stopping by from Jenners blog......YOU NEED TO READ THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!! They are really good books and each one get better!!!!