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Sunday, July 19, 2009

oops... I left the freezer open.... need your advice!

Okay, so I just noticed that my freezer (top of fridge) door was open a bit. Then I realized it must have been opened since last night when I took some meat out for supper. I don't have a lot of meat in there but enough to wonder if it's spoiled. Would you think it's spoiled? I know meat should not be refrozen once it's thawed out and most of it is not completely thawed, but partly. Should I cook it all today??

What would you do??

Edit: I took a closer look and most of the meat that's in that freezer (there's not a lot, I keep most meats in the big deep freeze in the basement) did not thaw out much at all, whew. Most of what I was noticing was just condensation. The wieners were the only thing that thawed out but I figure that's okay to not worry about too much. I hate when things like this happen. I get into such a panic. I panicked before I even looked closer to see how bad it was thawed! Other stuff thawed out though, but again, no big deal for most things.


Caitlin said...

hmmm... that is a tough one. I would probably cook the meat just to be safe- you could always freeze some of the cooked meat. It's just not worth getting food poisoning!
I do this ALLLLLLL the time! GRR!

Teri said...

I would try and cook it all at some point this week. If you have ground beef, that can be cooked, drained & re-frozen, so that might help some! I hate when that happens :(

lisaschaos said...

Hate it when that happens - glad it didn't all thaw too much! :)

Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

I'd say you are fine. Twice now I've caught the big deep freeze with teh door open... I'm gonna kill the compressor one day I just know it! We actually had to get rid of almost 1/2 of what was in there one time when that happened..

I get stuff caught in the door and don't check to see if it closes all the way and then notice 12 hours later when I go to feed the cats...

Michelle said...

It should be fine..I would think anyway.

On another note...I am so sorry to hear of your losses...hoping much joy in your future.

Controlling My Chaos said...

I think wieners are practically indestructible, so you're probably safe there.