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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fragments:

Welcome to Friday Fragments!


Friday Funny:

Blog Award:

I got this award from the extraordinary and awesome Sarah! Thanks, Sarah! :)

Skinny Girl Escape Update:

Walk - 2 (including park - 1 !)
Gym - 3

Why My Husband Calls Me Danny Donkey*:

So, I was at the store. I see this old man getting a shopping cart. He notices a coffee cup in the cart and throws it on the ground. If he had thrown it in the other direction there was a garbage can right there within his reach. I was like "uh, there's a garbage can right there, there's no need to throw it on the ground." He looks at me with this big dopey grin on his face. Man, that pissed me off! He obviously thinks that his being old gives him the right to pretend he's an invalid and doesn't know any better. Well, if indeed he is an invalid, then he shouldn't be driving and shopping by himself, in my opinion. Am I being cold-hearted to think this way? I guess I just don't have tolerance for people anymore.

*Danny Donkey refers to one of the characters from Pearls Before Swine. Danny Donkey Hates People. I often say "I hate people" and the first time my husband saw Danny Donkey in the comic pages he said "That's you!" hehehe


Singing in ASL:

I've been seeing alot of videos on YouTube of people singing in ASL. No, that is not a typo. They are actually singing songs.... but in sign language.

Here's just one example (using a song I love!) :


What's On TV?

So You Think You Can Dance is back. Who's do you think will win?



What's up for the weekend? Well, I have 3 DVD's of 24 that arrived this week (hopefully they all work this time! Had to send one back last week because there was a big crack in it grrr!) , so I'll probably spend some time catching up on Season 3.

Hoping the weather will co-operate for the Farmers Market, Yard Saleing, and some serious yard work. And of course going on walks with Ms. Emma!

Have a great weekend, everyone!



Kristina P. said...

I need to watch last night and tonight's SYTYCD!

Yaya said...

Haha, you would like the book 'Life Would Be Easy If It Weren't For Other People'!

Good job on walks and the gym!

I love SYTYCD! I like a few of the guys, don't know their names yet. None of the girls really stick out to me as favorites yet.

amber said...

have a good weekend, Ter!!

Emily said...

Good luck at the yard sales! I bought a unicycle a few weeks ago for $3. The kid sold it to me and his mom got really mad! She wanted $20. I went back and gave her $5 more because I didn't want him getting mad at him. Now my husband has been riding it all around our culdesac. No wonder the neighbors dont' talk to us much. ha!

Teri said...

I loved your little Friday Funny! Hope you're doing well

Kelly said...

Your Friday Funny is my week this week!! Ugh.

We love SYTYCD! We haven't picked favorites yet either, but we don't have any that we really want to see leave yet either.

I hope you have a great weekend!