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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Altered Notebook: Stars & Dragonflies

I made this notebook for Emalee as her Pay-It-Forward prize.

I was going to get it laminated to protect the photo of her dear son, Kenner, but I made the mistake of putting the star stickers on first and that made it too bumpy to laminate. I will remember that for next time.

This notebook is bigger than the ones I usually alter, but I enjoyed making it. The quote has always been a favorite of mine, and I wanted to incorporate her son in whatever her prize ended up being. Emalee is known to love the color green, and so I wanted to make sure there was some green as well, so when I saw those blue and green star stickers, everything fell into place.


And this altered notebook is the one I made for Liz as her Pay-It-Forward prize. This one has tons of mistakes on it but yet, somehow, it works.

First mistake... when I was hand stamping the quote (which took forever! - I purposely made it all over the place and not in a straight line) I accidentally made one letter go backwards. So, in attempt to cover it up, I decided to use my hole puncher to make a bunch of dots to cover up that one mistake and then add more dots so it looked like it was supposed to be that way.

Second Mistake... I'm new at Modge Podge and I think I used too much. The paper began to warp a bit and the stamping smeared a bit. In the end though I think it helped make it look more unique.

The scrapbooking paper I bought had the dragonfly and the rest of the design already on there. (Question for those of you in the know - I've seen many people talk about the name of the paper they use -- how do you know the name??) I knew it was perfect for Liz because the dragonfly is the symbol for her daughter Janell. I found the quote by googling for dragonfly quotes and I instantly loved it, and I hope she does too.


Recently, I set up a poll to see what you all thought about me selling my notebooks, cards and other crafts:

13 of you voted that you thought I could sell them (100 % of votes) - wow, you're all too kind!

7 of you said you would BUY something from me. 2 of you said you might. One of you said you would not.

3 of you who received a handmade craft from me in the past said that you thought it was good enough to sell, not just give as gifts (100% of votes)


Personally, I feel that I still need to improve on my techniques a little bit before I can begin to sell them. To improve on this, I am slowly, but surely, buying some crafting tools that will eventually lead to better craftsmanship on my cards and notebooks, etc.

However, if you are interested in any items that I feature, or would like me to create something for you, do not hesitate to ask. We can work out a deal, I'm sure. The more practice I get, the better I will improve. You know what they say, Practice Makes Perfect!

Also, for those who do get one of my notebooks, cards, etc., I would love your feedback and critique.


What are you creating today?


Michaela said...

I think they look great and most people probably wouldn't have even noticed the "mistakes". That's the nice thing about hand made - you can turn a "goof-up" into a work of art and no one but you will know any different!

Thanks for stopping by the other day!

Teri said...

beautiful work, Ter! :)

Anonymous said...

Your altered notebooks are beautiful! The second one even with mistakes is breath taking. :)

crystal wolf said...

Argh, you just reminded me I need to make a graduation card and two more father's day cards. Ugh, I don't want to work inside, it's too nice not to be out in the yard with the puppies.

BTW I often find that my little mistakes lead to creative fixes that look nicer than my orginal plan too. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Ter, this notebook is absolutely amazing. I cannot believe it. It's perfect. Emalee will love it I'm sure!

So Queenie Jeannie ( recently set up a card etsy but she said she's going to change it over to a separate blog for her products bc she wasn't making money off of the etsy bc it was a .20 posting fee and then paypal eats up mega fees. So just a thought if you decide to sell your stuff!

Caitlin said...

Oh!! I love that notebook! and what a great quote, too! Such a thoughtful gift, I'm sure that it is very special to them!

lisaschaos said...

I love your notebooks! I wish I had done the Pay it Forward! I would buy one!

Aileigh said...

I am on the market for a cute notebook to keep in my camera case! I would love to enlist your help! I would like something themed around my business name/logo. Let me know if you are interested! They are too cute! My photography site is

Also, stopping in from Yaya's. Thinking of you as you navigate this difficult time. Hugs!

Sarah C. said...

Those altered notebooks are gorgeous! I'm sure both ladies will treasure them. I fumbled with modge podge the first time too. Once I got the hang on how much to use (and a little patience - something I don't have much of! LOL), it worked well.

As for the paper brands, some I just remember because I liked it so much. Others I know because I've cut pieces off leaving the mfr name portion still attached or I have sorted by mfr. And, finally, I also have a small ring of swatches - small square punches of papers I like on a ring and I've handwritten the mfr on the back. Now you have all my secrets. ;)

pam said...

Your notebooks are gorgeous. Great job!!