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Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fragments: Wish Granted

Welcome to Friday Fragments!


Last week, I put out a poll, and 57.1%

of you said you liked the Friday Funnies and Fragments in the same blog post, and so I'm granting you your wish!

(ok, I can't get rid of that blue line)


Friday Funny:


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I saw this on Jenner's Book Blog:

That's right! I won a book!

I got this adorable award from Emalee. Thanks, Emalee!

Now as a result of receiving this award, I must name my top 10 favorite blogs. Man, that's going to be very difficult because I love all of you!

Okay I couldn't come up with just 10 so I'm giving you all an award for commenting on my blog today because your comments make my heart smile! :)


I took some maternity photos for my friend on Wednesday. I worried it would be difficult because of my history but I actually had a good time. And hopefully I'll gain more experience photographing people.


Speaking of photographing people, I'm now on the i ♥ faces network.

Visit I ♥ Faces Network


As mentioned last week I am going to start keeping track of my gym time and walks. Sadly this week hasn't been a very good week for either! (Tracking from Friday - Thursday to get these in on my Friday Fragments, is that the best way to go?)

Gym: 2
Walk: 2


Farmer's Market opens tomorrow, and I'm excited about fresh and yummy veggies. But the farmer's market holds some bittersweet memories for me. I went there the last few hours that I was happy, only a few hours before my life went crashing around me, not knowing my baby girl was already gone. Last year, I didn't get to go with my husband very often because of his job and then I missed the last 2 weekends because he was in the hospital.


I never know how to end these Friday Fragments.


Kristina P. said...

I'm so happy for Farmers Markets!

April said...

We have a Farmer's Market opening up tomorrow and I'm so excited! Have a good one, Ter!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Looks like you are keeping busy Tere.. I wish yyou lived near me so you could take my etsy shos your camera talents have alwas amazed me..

Laurie in Ca. said...

That dog video is a crack up! I need one of those machines for our dog. He is a maniac for catch. I love your sunset photo below, a true Kodak moment Ter. It is beautiful! I am glad to see you are getting more involved with your photography. It is such a great outlet for relaxing and enjoying the work. I hope your weekend is a good one and you find happy things to make you smile:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Vickie said...

The sunset picture below is fantastic, Ter!

Also the dog playing catch video is hilarious! That would be awesome for the new dog. It would tire him out and maybe he would sleep longer in the morning:)

Colleen said...

Farmers market tomorrow!!! I am there!

Controlling My Chaos said...

LOVE the Friday Funny. Some one had to be really tired of playing fetch with their dog to go to the trouble of building that. So cute.

Anonymous said...

Never know how to end! Lol!

Farmer's markets, love them. Yes, I can see how it might be difficult for you though.

I wondered when I saw that in your other post how on earth you were able to take maternity pics. I wouldn't be able to.

I so need that tennis ball machine for my dog!

pam said...

I was thinking of going to the farmer's market tomorrow as well. I am sorry it holds such bittersweet memories for you.

As always, thinking of you!

Michelle said...

I would LOVE to email you to be July's follower of the month, but I don't see your email anywhere? Could you help me that? July would be perfect month for me since that is the month, 1 year ago our adopted daughter was born.

Michelle said...

nevermind....I found your email! I can be blonde sometimes. lol!

Jenners said...

Love the doxie video! My parents have one and they are funny little dogs.

And the book is on its way!! I mailed it on Wednesday I think. I hope you like it!

And your exercise program is doing better than mine. You go girl!

Oh...and I wouldn't eat those oranges.

Ali said...

I have been slacking in the blog department lately, sorry I missed your poll! I like your Friday fragments & funny together too, I think they fit well =) Happy VGNO!

Teri said...

very cute video! Sorry I haven't commented much lately, but I am around! Hope you are doing ok!

kimberlee said...

I love the farmers market. But we don't have one. I was able to go when we went to WA for my grandpa's funeral last month. But it had been years before that.