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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Follower of the Month: Ya Ya

The Follower of the Month will be featured the first Saturday of every month. It is a chance to get to know my followers a little bit better and to introduce them to you.

June's Follower of the Month is quite popular in the blogging world. You probably already know her a little bit. Her name is YaYa from YaYa Stuff!

YaYa is a crazy-fun blogger who also hits serious notes when it comes to pregnancy losses and infertility. Her warm spirit and wacky sense of humor draws people to her blog. I can almost guarantee that once you meet YaYa you'll be a regular visitor!

She and her husband are currently trying to adopt, so please keep them in your thoughts and hope this works out for them. I think they'll make awesome parents.

And now without further adieu, here's YaYa!

(click image to go to YaYa's Blog)

1.What's your name?

"Alicia but many people call me "Yaya""

2.Tell us a little bit about you.

"I'm a feisty redhead who knows what I want in life and will stop at nothing to get it."

3.When did you start blogging and why?

"I started in May of 2008 as a way for family and friends to keep up with our busy life. When I endured another miscarriage my blog then shifted into a way for me to raise infertility and miscarriage awareness, as well as still sharing tidbits from our life."

4.Tell us a bit about your blog.

"The premise of my blog is all that Josh and I are going through to have children. It's a long road for us. But hopefully soon we will be able to adopt! I also like to use my blog to write about any randomness that comes to mind (which happens a lot)."

5.Has blogging changed you or your outlook on life at all?

"Absolutely. Blogging has brought me so much in life in the past year. 'Friends' who are there for me through thick and thin-I can't even say the same about my 'In Real Life' friends for that. I've also realized that writing is very therapeutic for me. And having a voice in raising awareness about infertility and miscarriage makes me feel better about the path I am living in life, like I'm making some sort of a difference in this giant world."

6.Link us to 1 - 3 of your favorite posts from your own blog:

Adoption Home Study Visit 1

This Is How We Get Intimate

7.Link us to 1 - 3 of your favorite fellow bloggers

Oh gosh, there are so many! I follow over 250 blogs and faithfully read all of them so how can I pick! I guess I'll just share one. Tabitha from 'I Choose Bliss'. I always leave her blog smiling.

8.How did you find my blog and why do you follow me?

"I found your blog through Stepping Stones comment section. I follow you because you are endearing. And you are one of the bloggers I get comfort from through emails. You're there to laugh with me or cry with me!"

9.What, if anything, have you gained from reading from my blog?

"You've taught me to cherish life. Cherish my husband and don't take my time with him for granted. You've also showed me that I am not alone in my grief over my babies."

10. Tell me the truth, you're going to brag to all your bloggy friends that you were my follower of the month, aren't you? ;)

"You know it!"

Thank you for a wonderful interview YaYa!

Do YOU want to be a Follower of the Month?? All you have to do is Email me and let me know! My email address can be found in my profile.


Kristina P. said...

I love Yaya! Great interview.

Rocksee said...

I love Ya Ya.. she's so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo!!!! I'm cool!!!

Mighty M said...

Yaya is so fabulous, I love her Friday Fragments/Focus Friday posts! Thanks for the interview!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming to my blog!! Yaya is one of my fav bloggy friends and I'm deeply honored she listed my blog!!!

Anissa said...

Loved the interview! TFS
Thanks for coming by today!

Emalee said...

yeah for yaya!!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Yaya Rocks!!!!

Kristin said...

You are the coolest yaya! Great interview!

Jeanne said...


Thank you for featuring Alicia here. She is one amazing, outstanding, thoughtful woman who brightens the world for so many!

Have a great day, Ter. :)


Helene said...

I love Yaya too!! I found her blog through another bloggy buddy and, just like you said, once I visited, she instantly became one of my favorite bloggers (I just love her posts about random stuff).

LadyStyx said...

Poppin over from Yaya's. Yep, yep...she did brag. LOL. Gotta love Yaya, though. Whatta sweetie.

Ali said...

Great interview Ter! I love Yaya!

carma said...

Wonderful interview. Yaya is so fun and inspiring!

Vickie said...

I love Yaya!

~~Mel~~ said...

Yaya rocks!

I learnt a few things about her...what a great idea this "Follower of the Month" is!

Jenners said...

This was great. I think we found each other through Yaya's blog so this is kind of like coming full circle! Great interview!