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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Book Review: An Exact Replica Of A Figment Of My Imagination - by Elizabeth McCracken

An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination by Elizabeth McCracken is a memoir of the author's pregnancy with her son, Pudding, and the months following his stillbirth, during which she becomes pregnant again with her subsequent pregnancy.

I received this book as part of a 'book circle" amongst some SHARE moms in which the book is passed along to another SHARE mommy after it's been read. (If you are a member of SHARE, see the boards for more detail.)

The inside cover describes this book as "a story of true love and unfathomable sadness. It is a story of courageous recovery and bittersweet moments, of steadfast memories and deep affection. it is a story of the importance of friendship. It is the story of happiness, and of hope."

Reviews from others who have read the book lead me to believe the book was laced with humor as well as the sadness. It led me to believe that there was love and hope in this book. I anticipated reading this and was so excited when it finally arrived in my mailbox.

Unfortunately, the book did not strike me as being quite as described by the reviews I have read. Perhaps this is because I have lost my chance to have another pregnancy. Perhaps it is because I lack the kind of humor that is needed to "get into" this book. I was a bit disappointed, to say the least, especially after I had been so anxious to read this book in the first place.

Not everyone else will feel the same about this book as I do. As I mentioned earlier, many seem to quite enjoy this author's writings. I hope the next mommy to get this book will enjoy it more than I.

(note: review written in Feb. '09)


lisaschaos said...

That must have been heartbreaking to read! I'm sorry for all the little things that re-trigger your pain each day!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Awwww! Like lisaschaos said, i'm sorry for all the things that re-trigger your pain each day...((HUGZ!!))

Teri said...

Hey Ter - in response to your question about the recipe I posted, you will just want to use regular milk...combining that with the vinegar gives it the buttermilk-like flavor! :)

Anonymous said...

I am never impressed with articles and books on pregnancy loss. I'll be reading them and thinking 'yes, this is how I feel' and thinking the author "gets me" and then BAM they have their 'happy ending'. I know it's different situations for us, but I hate reading "happy endings" when I don't have mine yet. I just want one thing to say 'this is how it is and it sucks'. Ya know?

Jenners said...

I'm sorry this wasn't what you had hoped ... I'm sure it would have been a helpful tool for you if it was what you had hoped for.

kimberlee said...

I'm sorry it was a disappointment for you.