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I am a bereaved mother and wife. I began this blog to help me look for the "good things" in life after my daughter, "Babybear", died in July 2005. Three years later, her daddy, my husband, "Bear", died in November 2008. (You'll find a link to their stories on my blog) And now, as difficult as it is, I continue to look for the good things in my life as I learn my new normal with my pup, "Furrybear", at my side. And the angels on my shoulder...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dandelions from Heaven

photo from here

Today is Mother's Day.

A friend of mine sent me this in an email. Thought I would share.


Dandelions from Heaven

Mothers day is coming
And I wanted to send you a sign
something you can tell others;
"Its from an angel of mine"
So I searched the heavens high and low
for that perfect thing....
And low and behold I found it....
And a smile I hope it will bring.

So when you look to the heavens
and see the yellow stars in the sky
Just think of me .... your angel...
in the heavens way up high
And just imagine those stars;
are dandelions up above.
Yes! Dandelions are also in heaven;
which you know how much I love.

So on this mothers day
when you awake and feel blue....
You will notice those yellow stars...
are no longer in view.
So look to the meadows
and the dandelions you see...
Are the ones I've tossed down
this Mothers Day from me.

And when you find a dandelion
that has turned from yellow to white;
You're supposed to make a wish
and then blow with all your might.
For you will be blowing kisses
to me in heaven above....
And I will be catching them
and blowing them back sent with all my love.

Please know that l am with you....
on this Mothers Day....
And also in the days ahead....
God and I will never stray.
We will be with you in the morning ....
when you awake and see the sun....
We will be with you when you say your prayers
when the day is done.

For God and I will never be
very far from your side....
For I can now be everywhere....
and God will be your guide.
So remember when you see dandelions
it is your guarantee
That I am always close to you....
for dandelions are free to roam ....
now just like me.

I will always be with you mummy....
Happy Mothers Day....
Love your angel in heaven.



Happy Mother's Day to all moms. Even if your child(ren) are not here, you are still a mom. Never forget that.

If you wish, see the poems I posted last year.


Dear Babybear,

I you.

Thank you for making me a Mommy.

I'll never forget you.

xoxo Mommy

Dear Emma, my Furrybear,

I You Too.

Thank You for cuddles and kisses

xoxo Mommy


Anissa said...

Such a beautiful poem! TFS

Happy Mothers Day to you!

Jacquelyn, Trevor's Mama said...

Thanks for posting...I needed that. Happy Mothers Day! :-)

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

That gave me major goosebumps!! Thanks for posting that - I will never look at a dandelion in the same way a good way! :)

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers - Happy Mother's Day! ((HUGZ!))

Anonymous said...

(((hugs))) Ter. I've been thinking of you today.

pam said...

I was thinking of you today!


Ali said...

What a beautiful poem! Make me think of my mommy in Heaven, I know she is watching me, thank you for sharing!

Ali said...

PS - I hope you are having a good day, I know it must be so hard! Praying for you! Give Emma LOTS of hugs! =)

Caitlin said...

I love that poem- Happy Mother's Day to such a strong, courageous mom!

lisaschaos said...

This had to be such a tough day, I'm glad you came here. :) It was a tough one for a friend of ours as she lost her mother a few months ago. My grandson brought me dandelions. :)

Jess said...

This was such a beautiful post, thank you so much for sharing.

Joc(e) said...

I really liked that poem! I loved dandelions as a kid...I didn't care if they were noxious weeds, lol. I just thought they were pretty, and sure it was fun to blow the seeds all over the lawn for another bumper crop! :-D