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I am a bereaved mother and wife. I began this blog to help me look for the "good things" in life after my daughter, "Babybear", died in July 2005. Three years later, her daddy, my husband, "Bear", died in November 2008. (You'll find a link to their stories on my blog) And now, as difficult as it is, I continue to look for the good things in my life as I learn my new normal with my pup, "Furrybear", at my side. And the angels on my shoulder...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pay It Forward #2 - Your Chance To Win!

A while ago, I told you that I won three, THREE, pay-it-forward giveaways in bloggieville. The other day the second pay-it-forward prize arrived in the mail from Pam.

Look, isn't it adorable!!!

She got this from Etsy after seeing it listed as one of my favorites. Aw! Thanks, Pam! So, that just goes to show that you don't have to be crafty to participate, the item just has to be handmade!

She also got me this:

I will do my best to document it's growth! :)

Now, it's your turn to win a pay-it-forward from me!

The rules of the bloggieville Pay It Forward states that I must give a homemade gift to my readers. The original rule says to send it to the first 3 commenters of this post, however, since I have won three, (can you believe it? THREE!), Pay It Forwards, I am going to do it a little differently!!

For each of my Pay It Forwards, I will do a post like this and I will randomly pick one person from the comments to receive the prize from me. I will leave the comments open until 11:59 pm central standard time tomorrow and then using the Random Number Generator, I will pick a winner. :) Canada and US addresses only, please. I apologize to my international friends! You must have a blog.

The winner will win a homemade gift from me! The winner then must "Pay It Forward" a homemade gift on their own blog.

Good Luck!

(by the way, Liz - your prize from my last pay-it-forward is almost done!)



Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

Ok, I'm here, I'm commenting! Did I make it??

Ok, I can't win anything though, my blog is lame and you are the only one who reads it Ter. :-P

So, if you really want I'll just make you something back, or just help you finally hang your vinyl lettering after bullying you to hang your pictures up.

HUGS!!!! and the bears are beautiful!

April said...

Sounds like fun! What a great idea! We could all use a little more kindness! Love your sweet!

pam said...

You are welcome, I am glad you like it:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! How thoughtful was that gift?! Were you totally blown away?!

Ali said...

Aww that is awesome! Pam, what perfect gifts! Way to go for winning Ter!

Emalee said...

those bears are so CUTE!!! I love them.

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. I just stopped by to say hi and I read the story of baby bear and bear. I am amazed at their stories as well as yours. You are a very strong person and I can not believe that you have overcome that and maintain such a positive life outlook.

You are a beautiful person and I love the "Self Portrait" for I heart faces. Very real and paints the picture nicely...=)

Anjeny said...

Awww, I want one..I never win anything esp. if random picker do the picking but hey I'm game. I just want to see what homemade stuff you are giving away. So count me in!! Yay!!

momtimes4 said...

I guess to qualify you have to have a blog that you actually write in (I think I'm at 3 posts in 6 months if that), and that someone actually reads (you're my only follower, and you don't even have anything to follow on mine!) LOL - but I never win anything anyway so it won't matter that I have a lonely little blog!!!

The bears are adorable. Just like your real Bears.

Vickie said...

The bears are perfect for you! Honey, don't choose me, I can't craft my way out of a paper bag.

lisaschaos said...

:) These pay it forward things are fun. :)

AnnaMarie said...

I'd love to enter!

Thanks Ter!

Teri said...

What the heck, I'll give it a shot!

Furious Mom said...

oooo pick me, pick me...just kiddin!
I would love to enter though!
The Bears are adorable, I bet you love them.
Btw...I picked you for a blog award the other day...go check it out!