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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009 - Composting

Today is the official Earth Day.
Like the picture above, I also believe that Earth Day is Every Day.

I recycle, reuse, reduce as much as possible. I try to use environmentally-friendly products. What are you doing to be Earth-Friendly?

This year, I am going to start composting. I've been wanting to do this for a few years, but I kept missing out on buying a compost bin. I finally got one yesterday.

So, here's my question for you.... how do I officially start it? Any tips on composting? I have done some online research, but nothing I found tells me if there's any rules to starting it. I hope there are instructions in the box.

I'm excited about having less garbage!

I saw this image and it made me chuckle.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how to get started with that but good luck! You should totally link up this post at Show My Face

Anonymous said...

Every year I want to start a compost pile. I do remember years ago seeing a segment on Martha Stewart. Check her site and see if there is anything there.

Sarah C. said...

We haven't started a compost yet - although I would like to. Hope you post photos of your progress later! :)

Caitlin said...

Wow! Good for you! I have always wanted to compost too. WE're odd like that! :)

Southern Rose said...

I, too, am trying to be more earth friendly - everyday. I plan to start a compost pile when we move this summer at our new house (it wasn't feasible in a rental where we've been for less than 2 years). I bought a book a few months ago - not sure if I really needed to - but it has other ideas for gardening as well (Newspaper, Pennies, Cardboard & Eggs - For Growing a Better Garden).

Bee and Rose said...

We are looking it to composting as well. Try Martha Stewarts website:) She always has fabulous gardening info!

Happy Earth Day to you!c

MemeGRL said...

Happy Earth Day! We share a resolution, except I'm getting *back* in to it. A few things that worked for me:
I hated taking scraps down daily but you can't let it go too long (or I can't at least) because the brown sludge creeps me out. Find a container with a lid that you will be happy to take to the pile.
Look on the web for resources. I did not know that oak leaves take a painfully long time to decompose and used a ton of them for my "browns" and got so discouraged I gave up on it last time.
Make sure you don't put in things that were buttered or fried in oil or anything like that. It really (literally) fouls up the process and (if you are composting outside) attracts critters in a big hurry.
Good luck!

Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

I started my compost pile by placing my composter bin on the ground, then putting some kitchen scraps in it. I've heard that you can shred newspaper and such but I didn't bother. It takes time for compost to be made, so I just started dumping stuff in. They say to have a good mix of green and brown... Green things like lettuce and carrot tops etc. Brown things like coffee grinds, tea bags and banana peels. I would just start. Just start dumping things in and go from there!

My MIL cuts up all her scraps and keeps them in a pail on her counter top and empties it every day. I have a covered IKEA bin hung inside my cupboard and I empty it every two or three days.

On thing that the stuff I read said is very important is placing your bin. They said that too many people are concerned that they don't want the bin where people can see it or near their house or whatever. but, keep in mind that it needs to be easily accessable. And if it's at the very back of your yard, hidden by a shrub, you arne't likely to go empty your bin in the rain, snow, wind, heat, etc. You'll find excuses not to do it if you have to trek to it. They say to keep it handy and in sight. So, use your own judgement obviously, but don't hid it.

I have to water mine, it always get too dry... :-P

Ali said...

I did a post about composting on my blog a couple weeks ago (3rd post down), it might give you a couple pointers and I have a link on it to a great composting site. Hope you had a great "Earth Day" and thanks for stopping by earlier! =)

AnnaMarie said...

To be Earth-Friendly I recycle and ride a shuttle to work.

I look forward to hearing about your composting! I'm going to start a leaf compost thing with some chicken wire I found in the shed. Someday when I can afford an enclosed bin I'll try composting kitchen scraps and such.

Saver Queen said...

There are many different ways to do it. I recommend a visit to the public library to help you out! :)

lisaschaos said...

I'm not sure how to start - have thought about it too. . .but looks like some of your other readers have more of a clue than I do. :)

pam said...

I used to have a composter when we lived in the country, sorry I can't remember how we started it. You will be very happy with it.