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Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Fragments & Friday Funny: Sleepwalking

I stole this idea from YaYa.


I woke up with a nightmare last night. Didn't fall back to sleep til 5:30 and woke up at 1:30.


I'm thinking about going back to school. It scares me. My friend sent me a link to a photography course, and I noticed there was also a diploma course. Thinking of applying and I have to ASAP if I'm going to as they are already interviewing prospective students.


I want to be an NILMDTS volunteer photographer, hence my consideration of the aforementioned course.


My cousin is supposed to come for a visit this weekend, arriving tonight, staying at least til tomorrow. It'll be nice having someone here and I know my pup will love to play with someone other than me. He's a cool kid.


According to the flyer in my mailbox yesterday, the shelves I want are on sale again starting this Saturday. Last time I went to get some, they had none left in the store. They still had none in the store on Tuesday when I went. They better have some tomorrow when I go.


My Fragments aren't as cool as YaYa's.


I started going back to the gym. I've only been 3 times, but that's a start.


I put a weight loss ticker at the top of my blog.


The load of towels sat in the dryer for a week, and have now been sitting in the basket at the bottom of my stairs for almost 2 days. I should probably fold them and put them away.


And now for the Friday Funny you really came here to see:

Thanks to Jo for sending me the video.


Kristina P. said...

I think that this is a great Friday Fragments! And I'm sorry about the nightmare. That is the worst!

Lana said...

I want to go to school too, but it scares me as well. I'm not even sure why.

Have sweet dreams tonight. You have to. Cuz *I* said so. :)

I thought your Friday Fragments were great!

amber said...

I enjoyed your Friday Fragments!

I hope that you have a nice weekend, Ter!

Yaya said...

Good Job Ter! ;)

Isn't it fun?!

Good job on the gym!

You should go back to school, that would be fun, like a new start on life.

Yay for cousins! I wish I saw my one cousin more :( :(
She lives 6 1/2 hours away so I see her at least once a year, not enough :(

Jo said...

Love the Friday Fragments idea! I might have to steal it from you :)

HA! Just seeing that pic for the video makes me laugh all over again!!

Joc(e) said...

I like your fragments! And I just love that dog video...hahaha, poor thing...

Vickie said...

Your Friday Fragments are fine:)

You think leaving your towels in the dryer for a week is bad. I left them in the washer for three days and had to rewash them. Yeah, I am not the best housewife.

Sorry about your nightmare. They are the worst. I had one a few years back that still makes me cry.

Hopefully it doesn't come back. I tend to have rerun dreams.

Vickie said...

Poor poochie:) Though I did laugh a little. I couldn't help it.

Dana Lucas said...

OMG! No that there is a DREAM!