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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Etsy Addiction Spoils Surprise

Have you ever seen something and thought to yourself, "OMG, that's SO made for me!" ?

Well, last week, I took a gander at Etsy as means of procrastination, and I came across this:

So, without even thinking about it, I bought it!

Now, for those who know me well, know that I usually analyze everything to death before I buy it. I will debate back and forth and ask everyone I know "should I get this? should I? Is it worth the money?" Usually, this results in it being too late for me to buy something (just ask Alli about the bookshelves!)

This time I did not.

I just KNEW that this was made for me!

Little did I know...

It really WAS made for me!!

It was a custom order that my friend Jo put in specifically for me. I only found out because I emailed Jo a link to that particular item with big bold letters that said "LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT!!!!"

and Jo was like "uh, you have to cancel your order!"

Of course, I had to ask why, and Jo, being all panicky, couldn't think of a good excuse why I should cancel my order, and out came the truth.

Isn't that hilarious?? We all had a good laugh, Jo, Michele (the shop owner), and myself. Michele gracefully offered to reimburse me or to make something else for me with that fabric. You can guess what I chose, because I love that fabric so much!

So, the next time you see something and think it was made just for you, maybe it was !!


sandy said...

Ha! That is hilarious:0) (and very cute I might add!)

April said...

Oh, how cute! What a thoughtful friend you have!

Teri said...

too funny & coincidental :)

Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

That's fantastic!!! Way better than my too fat for insurance story! :-)

Anonymous said...

That is SO made for you! YAY!

And hilarious that it's such a small world you ruined your surprise! ;)

What an awesome friend you have!

Totallyscrappy said...

What a story!

pam said...

Ok, after reading that I need to tell you something.

You know that wooden bear family that you have pictured is meant to be yours as well.

Sorry it is not a surprise:)

amber said...

That's awesome!

Caitlin said...

That is incredible! What are the chances?! The fabric is ADORABLE, and perfect for you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post.

MemeGRL said...

Hi Ter,
You have been on my mind for ages--I started using google reader and somehow not all the blogs I use followed there. So I was doing some maintenance work today and made it a point to re-find you and... wow. I'm so sad to hear about Bear. And I'm so sorry I wasn't here until now. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Really? That is the best story I've heard all day!!!

Vickie said...

What a hoot!

I love the Etsy Shop!

Sarah said...

that is so awesome t! and that fabric is so cute!

Jo said...

Heh. Yeah, hilarious.

LMAO!! Actually it WAS hilarious... and had I just waited 15 more minutes to say anything you, Michelle would have had it all worked out and it would STILL be a surprise! LOL :)


HA! My word verification on here is "fluff".

MemeGRL said...

Hi again,
Welcome back. I did go on a bloggy break...still not sure where I'm going with mine exactly but it's still fun and the FoodBuzz stuff has kept me a little more in focus.
Have to tell you I love your dog's photos! She's lovely and very funny.
Glad to be back in touch!

Jen Sue Wild said...

That is so cool!
What a great story!

Controlling My Chaos said...

That is so funny. It reminds me of one Christmas where a friend and I made each other the same holiday vest. It was the funniest thing. Sometimes you just know people too well.

Liz said...

How cute! Sounds like she REALLY knows what you like. You should tell all your friends and family to put her in charge of buying your Christmas presents. :)

dqd said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I am still laughing about this... What are the chances!?! I am so thrilled that Jo had me on a hunt for some angel bear fabric for you....such a sweet thought and the perfect gift! I hope you will LOVE it!