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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Google Analytics

I recently added Google Analytics to track my blogs usage. Haven't heard of it? Neither did I until Teri of The Infertility Chronicles mentioned it in a post of hers.

I have had it for one month now. It tracks how many visitors you have in a day. How many of these visitors are repeat visitors. Where they came from.

I am not sure if it tracks myself as well or not. It probably does, since I refresh the screen or go to the main page to capture links. That would explain some of the volume.

It is kind of neat to see. I have captured some screenshots to share with you. You can click on any image to enlarge.

This is the main screen.

When I clicked view report for Visitor's Overview this is what came up:

Clicking the word Visits led me to this:

Clicking Map Overlay on the main screen led to this:

See the second tab shaped like a pie there? When I clicked that I got this:

Hopefully, this will give me a chance to reach out to my readers on the best days. I'm posting this on a Saturday which is risky because Saturday is not a very busy day in blogville. I'm taking the risk though.

My only dislike about this is that I always have to try and figure out how to get back to the analytics. It shouldn't be so difficult, but yet, I can never quite figure it out. I usually just search for it.

Install it now and find out who your readers are!


Anonymous said...

Cool! I've got the feedjit, I like that. And now blog frog. Let me know how you feel about this in a few weeks!

Kristina P. said...

I use a tracker called Statcounter. I love it! It's kind of neat being able to see who's reading your blog.

sandy said...

That's neat!

Kaylen said...

I really like google analytics. I love comparing data over time (click on the date in the top right and it pops open a calendar and has a little checkbox for "compare").
I don't really do anything with it, other than once a month or so, verify that someone is indeed looking at my blog and I'm not fully alone...
I emailed myself the link to my analytics page and just starred that email (if you have gmail). Or you could bookmark it.
It is kinda fun to see where people come from.

Shea said...

I use sitemeter but sometimes I just think it frustrates me. I wish it would say "So and so" instead of just a place and ISP. I'm nosey!LOL! I did figure out from it that I'm pretty sure the anon post on my last blog entry was from my ex-friend. I knew she was going to a local college and the comment was made at the exact time that someone from that college was checking my blog. Also I could see that they got to my blog through a google search. Fascinating! She was busted.

Teri said...

Go to your top-right menu on blogger (where you would click on "dashboard") and click on "my account" instead. Then google analytics is in the left column. I click on the link to see my stats and then I use the feature that says "site traffic" on the left. If you look on the bottom right of that page, there are the different search terms that brought ppl to your site. Confusing, I know...I think they need to make it a bit more user-friendly, IMO.

Thanks for the linkage! :)

Emily said...

Very cool! I love your new blog look ;0)

crystal wolf said...

Those are neat features. I really ought to switch over to blogger now that I am stateside, but I am really just too lazy. I do get jealous of the features that you all have that LiveJournal lacks.

Celeste said...


Just wanted to pop-in to thank you for entering a past giveaway I had on my blog - I would like to inform you of another giveaway I have open right now (Girl's Paisley Swing Top)! Winner will be announced on 3/20 - so enter by the 19th :) Also - I've got future giveaways planned, so keep a look out!

God Bless,

Jenners said...

I just love fooling with stuff like this ... it is such a time suck though but so fun to see where people are coming from and why. Thanks for the info!

Vickie said...

Tthis is the second time I read about this. I am gonna check this out.