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Monday, February 16, 2009

Card Making Challenge: Week #7

I apologize for the lateness of this post. I had the chance to leave town the province the country for the day yesterday and the day prior, I had company.

So here is my card for week #7.

Thank you again everyone who has been participating. If you haven't joined yet, never fear! It's not too late. Jump in whenever you want. Prompts are given as only an idea if you're stumped. Your card can be anything you wish it to be.

Next week's prompt: masculine

Add the link to your card in the Mr. Linky below.


Zackery's Mom said...

Beautiful card Terri! Love it!

sandy said...

Nice card! I really should start doing this:0)

E and K Rausch said...

you do such a good job, I wish I made time to make cards.

Kristina P. said...

Cute card!

E and K Rausch said...

No I didn't order on of them story book blankets would like to but need some money to do that and well we just don't have anything extra right now. Maybe soon!!!!

kel said...


Anonymous said...

Very cute!
Where'd ya go?

Anjeny said...

Love the card Ter. I will post mine later on this week. I'm glad you had a good valentine. I was wondering where you were. It is good to read ya.

Jo said...

You were in my country :) Woot Woot!!!

Love the card... are the hearts foamy or wooden?? They are really cute.

I hope your next post is all about what you bought in America :)

Vickie said...

Pretty card. I haven't been motivated to make cards lately. Need to get out of that slump.

Jenners said...

I love the card ... very simple but very pleasing to the eye. I'm going to highlight this challenge of yours on my blog ... I know there are quite a few people who would probably love to join you!

Not me though ... I am totally craft impaired!

And I gave you an award here:

Lana said...

Hi there!
What a cute card! I used to make cards all the time, and then just stopped. I think I'll have to start over again. Its so fun to do and better than sitting on the computer all the time... or is it?.. ☺

Shelley said...

Cute card, Ter! I had the same questions as Jo about the hearts. Thanks for the comments on my cards. I don't much care for olives either, but it so fit the category. lol

Shelley said...

Thank you for your comments about my cards, Ter! I look forward to seeing yours for this week. I had some thought for prompts: