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Monday, June 23, 2008

Emma VS Water Hose

Emma goes nuts whenever we water the garden. So we made a game of it.

Check it out:

This is actually the second video I took. The first one somehow deleted itself, and by the time I took this one, Emma was starting to tire out and isn't running nearly as fast. But you get the idea.


Jo said...

Heh heh :) Too cute!

I keep telling Mike we need to get Honey on video... she LOVES to be vacuumed! She will follow you around when you are vacuuming until you vacuum her! Freak!


Joc(e) said...

So who won?? Haha. Dogs love that game and it's so much fun to watch!

Anonymous said...


Sarah C. said...

I bet she slept good after that! :)

Dana said...

LOLOLOL Jake does the same thing. It is a GREAT way to tire him out on days that we don't get much activity. He gets real sneaky looking (low to the ground) and waits for the spray. I'm glad Emma likes it too! Some dogs like kiddy pools too!