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Monday, March 31, 2008

Monthly Organizing Round-Up - March (Dining Room)

This month's Round-Up was the Dining Room. I don't have a separate dining area, so I worked on the part of the kitchen where we eat. These two shelving units were given to me by a friend a few months ago and I keep trying to utilize them but I can never get them organized the way I want. I still don't think I got it the way I want but I did purge some things. I couldn't afford any new containers or organizers nor did I have alot of time to do so. The only thing I purchased was a desk-top filing thingamajing with hopes we will be able to file things at a more immediate pace than we do when the files are in the filing cabinet (which is upstairs in the computer room)



It doesn't look like much was done, but many papers were purged and put aside for shredding. Some things were filed. The phone books were put on the bottom shelf. I'm not sure if it looks any better or tidier but perhaps it's a start.



Again, it doesn't look like much was done, but I went through all the baskets you see here and purged some things and moved some things to proper locations throughout the house. I had originally bought these baskets for the office but the space I have in the office isn't working, so I put them on these shelves until I can get something better.

April's Round-Up is The Master Bedroom. If you want to participate in the Monthly Organizing Round-Up, please click the icon at the top of this post for more details.

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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Great job! The paper battle always seems to be one I'm on the losing end of so way to go for purging!

Dawn said...

It looks great. I hate filing and trying to organize paperwork. Having that area organized will be so much better for you. Good job.

Totallyscrappy said...

I bet it makes you smile just to walk past that snazzed up space!

~Rhen said...

Don't worry, we all understand how much work it is and how time consuming it is to go through, purge and reorganize things. You did a great job!!

Sarah C. said...

I see the difference. The look great! :) Sorting, purging, filing & shredding can take soooo much time. I'm still slowly working through my house.

Alicia said...

It does look great! Shelves are always tough for me to "get control of". You did a wonderful job!

Org Junkie said...

Purging is good!! Way to go!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Ti It looks great I can tell the diffrence.

Amber (Bringing Good Home) said...

Sometimes the little baskets of stuff take the most work - with tons of sorting and purging to be done.

Great job!

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Hey Ter... I promised I'd comment when I got home from Mom's... and here I am commenting :)

Your after shots look great! I can tell a difference... and I'm sure YOU can and that's what really matters :)


Shea said...

I can tell the difference. I'm planning on a big kid bedroom organize this weekend.