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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Monthly Organizing Round-Up - February

I think I missed the deadline for the Monthly Organizing Round-Up. It's totally my computer's fault! I am having so many issues with the computer lately, it's hard to believe it's only a couple years old.

Back to the subject at hand. This month round-up was the Kitchen which was perfect for me because we really needed to figure out how to set up our counter space. At Christmas, I got my husband a new coffee pot and he got me a new kettle, both of which took up a different amount of space than our old ones. We also got a food processor which does not fit in any cabinet nor do we have room for it in the pantry so it has to sit out on the counter. However, by doing this we had no space for our toaster and other necessary items. It also did not help that the plug in where we had the coffee maker could only have one thing plugged in it at a time, so some real thinking had to be put into how we wanted to set it up and yet have it not be an inconvenience.


As you can see in the Before pictures, things were pretty crowded on this side of the counter and we sometimes had no space to really do any prep work.

The dish tray is not usually out if it's not being used but I put it out to show you why I need this much space on this side of the counter.


We decided to try putting the microwave in this corner since it is a deep corner anyway, and took the canisters right out of this spot. Rotated the spice rack and the utensil thingy. Lo and behold we had enough room for both the toaster and the kettle ! They can easily slide out when we need to plug them in, but look at all the counter space for prepping meals! (please ignore the fact that this is the ugliest kitchen ever)

We put the coffee maker and the food processor over here where the microwave used to be and magically there is tons of counter space over here. Just imagine when the dish tray isn't out how much space we have! We put two of the seldom used canisters up in the cupboard and the tray that held them we will store in the storage room until we either re-purpose it or figure out whether we will use it after we renovate the kitchen (someday).

Tell me what you think? Does it look better? So far it seems to be proving efficient.

Next month's Organizing Round up is the Dining Room. We don't have an official dining room, but I do have some organizing to do on the other side of the kitchen where the table is!

To get in on the fun, click here!


Sarah C. said...

Great job! I can see the difference. I need to try some rearranging in my kitchen - we seem to be losing counter space every time I turn around.

Going to look into this Round-Up. I'm on an organizational kick lately. Picked up 2 organizing books from the library on Friday. One is The Everything Organize Your Home Book. It has some good ideas. :)

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Hey Ter! It looks GREAT! If you find that the canisters need to be more accesible (the ones that you put in the cabinet) look for one of those wire rack thingies that will fit over the 2 on the counter and then you can stack them :) Just a thought :)

Great job... as usual!!!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Teri It looks great!!
You are doing such a good job...

Org Junkie said...

It looks great, I'm so happy it's working better for you. That's what it's all about!!!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

You can move your spices off the counter all together and into your cabinets (where spices stay dry, dark and happy anyway) with SPICESTACK. SpiceStack will hold up to 27 spice bottles (the ones you have will fit) and they will always stay organized and easy-to-find with 3 drop down drawers. My dad designed SpiceStack when my mom got sick of her spice rack taking up too much counter space. Check it out at and Happy Organizing!

Anonymous said...

That's great that you found something that works for you!!

Michele said...

I like that you created counter space without spending any money. I think it's great to periodically re-look at stuff and see if changes can be made.

mom2triplets04 said...

Looks great. You did a fabulous job. I too don't have a dining room that needs to be decluttered but still have more to do in the kitchen so I will probably stay in the kitchen again this month. congratulations on making top 12.

Organizing Mommy said...

Good job. You probably worked hard.

Marie said...

I actually got rid of my toaster and coffeemaker because I hated the clutter so much.

Another thing you could do is get rid of the knife block. My husband and I found thing to hang knives on the wall that uses a strong magnetic strip. We mounted it high up on the wall next to the stove, I just reach up and grab a knife when I need one. Again, very strong magnet, so they don't fall or slip. I even stick the knife sharpener and my kitchen scissors up there.

Joc(e) said...

Definitely better after the organization! It's great when you have options for moving things like a microwave oven to a completely different part of the counter.