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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

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I failed miserably at SHS last week. I continued to go to bed on time but I failed to work my routine. Speaking of which, I am not even really sure what my routine is! That could be part of the problem. I did not brush my teeth every night before bed. I found myself having to run back downstairs because I forgot to bring up my pill and water. I really need help in creating my routine. I would love to see what some of you have for a bedtime routine.

This week's bedtime routine might be better as I'm going back to work on Monday after 3 months of not working due to seasonal layoff. I spent that time looking for another job, and so this is a new job I'm going to on Monday (wish me luck!). I think when you "have" to go to bed and you "have" to wake up, it's a lot easier. But that still doesn't mean that a routine is in place, just that I go to bed before midnight!

For this week's SHS, I will continue to work on my bedtime routine. I can't really think of a new Smart Habit because I think most of the 'little' habits will improve upon improving my bedtime routine as well as how my morning routine works out.

Things I know that have to be done before going to bed:
  • my lunch packed and ready to go
  • my teeth brushed
  • puppy's teeth brushed (hoping to do this at least every other day)
  • my hair brushed
  • water bottle in the freezer
  • dishwasher running (if need be)
  • everything ready to go for work the next day

Can't think of what else at the moment... but at least those.

Inspire me... post your bedtime routines!


Mama Pajama said...

Good luck this week with your bedtime routines!

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Wow... bedtime routine? Do I have one of those? Yeah... it's called chat on the computer until you can't keep your eyes open, then crawl upstairs, and flop into bed. LOL!!

Seriously... I keep a bottle of water on my nightstand along with my pills so I don't have to think about pills or water before I go up:)

Another thing that works for me is to have a specific spot in the house for things that need to go with me in the morning (like a tote bag on the doorknob).

Good luck!

Queen Mum said...

Best way to build a routine is to write everything down and follow your list. Take a look at for insight and ideas.

The Lazy Organizer said...

I had to make a list last year for my bedtime routine because I spent an hour running around the house doing things I had forgotten. I finally have it down!

Good luck with your new job!

Joc(e) said...

I used to have one...

Well, I have to make sure the house is locked up and the alarm is set. I try to get the dishes done, don't always though. I tidy up the family room. I give the cat her medicine. Once I go upstairs I take my own medicine and take my contacts out (if they're in). I usually play a game on my PDA before the Rozerem kicks's relaxing.

Allison said...

What my routine should be: put kid to bed. Make / prep lunch for work. tidy kitchen quick. Make sure Danica is ready for next day at Daycare. Wash face (have system, use all three parts) brush teeth. Spend 20-60 minutes relaxing and reading in bed. Sleep. (before 11).

What usually happens. Put kid to bed. Put kid back in bed. Sing more songs. Send husband in. Go back in one more time. Go up to bed. Fall in bed. Read 15 minutes, sleep. (wake up late in morning, rush to feed / dress kid, get bag together for daycare, not have time to eat or get lunch together, end up spending way too much money on eating at work.)