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Friday, September 21, 2007

It shouldn't be so hard...

It shouldn't be so hard to get organized. It is really an easy concept. So why am I still unorganized after all these years of trying to get organized? Simply put, I can't stand to spend money.

I keep waiting until I can afford "the perfect thing" and the truth is that often that wait is going to be a long time. Sometimes it's because I can't find "the perfect thing".

Let's take my closet for example. I keep waiting until I can afford a real organizing system. Meanwhile, I am loosing my patience with this unorganized closet and all my clothes being squished together just because there isn't enough room. I'm not a clothes freak, so I really mostly only have basics. I have my home clothes, my work clothes, my in-between clothes.

This morning, I emptied out my closet and I have put a few things in the get rid of pile but most of it is back up in the closet now. It still looks squished. I have decided that I will have to "waste some money" and get myself a couple things for my closet so that it can be organized until I can have my closet revamped. Eventually, we are looking into turning my closet into a walk in closet for both of us and turning my husband's tiny closet into a build in shelving unit or something along those lines. However, the bedroom is really low on the priority list of things to be done in our house, it may be a few years before that can happen. I can NOT wait a few more years for an organized closet.

And so, I seek your advice....

Exactly how does one hang up tank tops with spaghetti straps? Right now I have the straps draped over the head of the hanger and several of them on each hanger. My old roommate in college did that and I thought it looked so messy. I've finally resorted to doing that myself because these shirts ended up on the floor when they fell off the hangers.

Also exactly how does one fold sleeveless shirts? In my dresser, I keep most of my "home clothes" which are clothes not good enough to wear outside the house but are still great for lounging around in or doing house/yard work in. But I just can't figure out how to fold these shirts! Shirts with sleeves are no problem though.

I would love to see what you have done to organize your closet, especially those creative ideas for those without a closet organizer. I'll post pics of mine when I get it a little more finished (for the time being) and if you post pictures of your closets on your blog and link it in the comments, I would love to see them!)


Jen Sue Wild said...

I have a big walk in closets with lots of shelves and baskets and cubbys. You would think I could keep it clean.I don't think any body has a closet big enough for all my stuff.

Kimberlee said...

Question 1: I only own two shirts like that and keep them both in a drawer.

Question 2: I have no shirts like that.

Guess I am not much help.

I am quite ruthless when I get rid of things and we just really don't keep that much.
Out of season clothes can be stored away in containers (under your bed? Basement? Something like that). They don't need to be hanging in the closet. (Unless it is something that would get ruined in storage).

I'm not very organized either.

Joc(e) said...

You can buy hangers with grooves on the top part to hang things that tend to slide off. Wal-Mart sells sets of like 10-13 plastic hangers with those grooves. I bought a whole bunch of them when I started taking better care of some of my more delicate items and/or ran out of drawer space.

Allison said...

Well, closet organizers just aren't all that expensive anymore. And they are really easy to put in. For less than $100 you can buy ones that work with tension rods, so you don't even need to screw anything in! (however, I've never used one so I don't know how good the rods are, or if they will fall down.)

My Mom bought one a few years ago and she loves it. The biggest thing is that you up your closet hanging space by 1/3. Instead of having one bar across the whole way, you have an upper and lower bar across 1/2, and a bar at "full height" for the other half. And you can choose what you want to do. If you hang lots of pants at "full extention" (like not folded over a hanger) then you might want the "full hang" section to be fully 1/2 of the closet. But if you are like me and own maybe 3 dresses and your husband only hangs 2 pairs of pants (rest are folded) then you only need that bar to cover 1/3 or less of your closet. That gives you even more space. (remind me to post a pic of what we did in our useless walk in closet.)

Look up systems online. rubbermaid makes a good cheap one. You can buy the kit, put it in, and then after the fact (ie, spreads out he costs) you can buy hanging baskets, etc.

When I hang my (2 or 3) tank type tops, I just push the straps into the grooves made for that. But I've also bought all new hangers for all our clothes over the last year. Art gets the green and white ones, I have the orange and pink ones, and I saw some jewel toned grey ones at Targt this summer and bought them. They aren't all in use yet. :-) but, I've gotten rid of my useless wire hangers. I'd suggest doing that.

if I have anymore suggestions, I'll let you know!