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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Second day of school

Today was Emma's second puppy class. She did not bark as often as she did last week (thank goodness) and again she did quite well with the tricks that she was to learn. She came when she was called, but sometimes it took a couple tries to get her attention away from another dog. She sat down and laid down and she even stayed. It was short periods of time but this is quite an achievement for a dog of her age. She also went through the tunnel on the first call today. Last week, she wanted to come but did not figure out that she had to go THROUGH the tunnel, not around it, for several attempts. But this week, no problem at all. Yay, Emma!

The trainer thought Emma might be part Australian Shepard (as opposed to German Shepard). I googled it and she certainly looks like several of the images that I came across. Here is one of the images which is labeled as a female Australian Shepard X on the left and Emma on the right.

It's not a great photo of Emma but I wanted one where she was in a similar position as the other photo to show the comparison.

What do you think?? Looks alot alike?

Here's hoping she continues to do well in class and becomes a TOP DOG! :)

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Allison said...

Danica really likes that pic of Emma. I can't say what she is, but she's darn cute!!!