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Sunday, September 16, 2007


I scored a 20... so I'm like June Cleaver. Shocking, isn't it?

What do you score? Find out by clicking the clutterometer!


Jen Sue Wild said...

This was fun I got a 25
So I guess that means I am pretty neat. LOL

By the way I cant stand clutter. It's so bad if I got someones house that is cluttered I tend to start cleaning.
I know thats pretty bad...

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Hey hey... I got I'm June Cleaver too. Although, to be honest some of those answers didn't work for me at all. My hamper is empty and clean.. but sure as hell doesn't smell like apple pie! LOL :)

I'm online, you must be in bed since starting your new bedtime routine :)


Val said...

June Cleaver unite! I have thought and thought that my future lies with the name June Cleaver somehow... lol! I got a 22... or a 21. There are papers on my desk, but I ALWAYS know which pens are bad and which arn't... and I toss the ones that arn't... every time. I hate pens that don't work when I need them. On the phone is the worst. Pet peave I guess. ;)


Jocelyn said...

I'm on the low end of Roseanne...but only because I couldn't do half points between the 2s and 3s! LOL. One day I will care'll see!

Allison said...

heh, I'm also a cleaver. sad but true.

However, I was very attracted to the comment about shiny things, and buying a second one in case the first gets dull. never thought of that. now, I have extra reasons to buy things! Bwahahahah!!!!

oi, I need help. :-)