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Friday, August 31, 2007

Wannabe Handyman (or should I say Handywoman?)

I've always loved to watch the home renovation shows and look around stores like Home Depot and Rona. I've always daydreamed of DIY projects and owning my own tools. Well, now that I have my own home, it's time to make that fantasy come true. Problem? I'm a chicken! ~:>

I'm terrified of doing things wrong and messing up. I'm worried that I would become the female Tim "the tool man" Taylor! Holes in the wall with electrical wires sticking out is not my idea of what a finished renovation project should look like. I do not want burnt hair, broken bones or worse yet, a Ter-shaped hole from a blast that blew me across the room right through the wall!

I admit, I'm somewhat a perfectionist. Those who know me are probably laughing right now but it's true!

Anyway, I finally started working on the smallest room of my house... the 1/2 bath. I, with the help of my husband, took down the horrible medicine cabinet that was there since we didn't want it and much to my horror, it left 4 huge holes in the wall! But with the help of my friend Alli, I was able to learn how to plaster it.

Now, it doesn't look perfect but it is better than I thought it would be. Did I mention I'm impatient as well as a perfectionist? Finally, I painted the room. (Behr paint called "Warm Cocoon") I kept finding spots that weren't covered with enough paint. A room that size should not take so long to paint! One thing I did learn is to get a big can of paint whether you think you'll need it or not. I began to freak out as the paint got lower and lower in the paint can. Luckily, I had just enough! None left for any future touch ups.

So you'd think my worries were over.... right?... NOPE! I then started freaking out about putting up the towel rack and the new mirror. I worried about making huge holes and not being able to fix them up or paint them with the exact same color paint since I bought a tiny can!

Finally, due to a surprise visit from my uncle and two aunts who happened to be in town, I now have a mirror and a towel rack in the 1/2 bath. I asked my uncle, who is quite a handyman himself, how these plastic screws actually screw into the wall, and I asked if the hooks I got for the mirror would be good enough. He offered to help set it up while he was here and I actually learned a few things! Thanks, Uncle John!

Too bad there wasn't enough time to teach me how to renovate the rest of my house. Eventually in that 1/2 bath I would like to put a new sink and toilet as well as new baseboards. But that will have to wait a while. I might also want to put a couple decorative shelves up someday. For now, however, it will do!

Here are a few pics of the bathroom! (click on the photo to make it full size!)




Anonymous said...

Oh Ter! I LOVE the wall color! It's so warm!

Way to go girl :)


Val said...

That really warmed up the room! Amazing! I did one similar but away from the butter yellow that the bathroom was when we moved in. We decided on Taupe and Orange for our colors. Had a very similar effect... just warmed things up.

Beautiful work!!


Tiffany said...

looks great!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the bathroom. I love the warm hue on the walls. I love the red!!! I love the mirror, the shelf, the basket! Love it!