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I am a bereaved mother and wife. I began this blog to help me look for the "good things" in life after my daughter, "Babybear", died in July 2005. Three years later, her daddy, my husband, "Bear", died in November 2008. (You'll find a link to their stories on my blog) And now, as difficult as it is, I continue to look for the good things in my life as I learn my new normal with my pup, "Furrybear", at my side. And the angels on my shoulder...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Brain Dump

Brain Dump - it's where I dump all the thoughts from my brain into a random blog post. I recently saw the phrase "Brain Dump" from Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie when she used it in this post. I thought it might be a better way to title my random posts. I hope she doesn't mind too terribly that I've snagged that phrase for my own personal use.

Brain Dump may replace my Friday Fragments posts for it will then open up the possibility of putting a random thought post any time during the week.

Like today, Saturday.

It'll also allow for Fridays to be just for Friday Funny, thus ending the week on a more positive (humorous) note.

So, let the brain dumping begin:

  • I am trying to get more organized (aren't I always?) but right now I'm stuck because of three main reasons. 1) Money 2) Pain and 3)can't figure out a schedule that works.
  • I'm trying to develop a routine. It's hard. They say it takes 30 days to develop habits, but what if the habits you're trying to develop are not at the same time every day, or are not something you do every day?
  • I would like to change my blog a bit, but while I have ideas, I'm not sure where to start.
  • I am trying to catch up on my crafting projects. I had a little motivation spurt the other day. I would share these projects with you, but the people they are for sometimes read my blog.
  • I think I am going to open an ETSY shop in the next month or so. Just need to come up with some cards and notebooks, but it can be difficult to make them without a specific person in mind.
  • I am so behind in book reviews. You must think I haven't read any books lately, but in fact, I have about 10 books waiting for me to do book reviews. Should I even bother at this point? Maybe I will do an all-in-one post and just give quick blurbs. I've also been behind in movie reviews, though I do have a couple stored in my drafts.
  • The weather here is unbelievable. I am trying to enjoy the weather as much as possible while I can. I think this is to make up for our miserable summer and early fall.
  • The other day I went into the kitchen and saw this on my floor:

smiley made out of kibble
  • There are at least 3 cats that hang out in my yard, my neighbor's yard and the yard on the other side of theirs . Wouldn't mind so much but they are making Emma crazy and they have been leaving mice and birds and apparently they left a rabbit in my neighbor's yard. The local shelters won't get them, but will rent out a trap for $60. Which wouldn't be too bad but you have to get one for each cat, I think. I might investigate more. I worry about the mice/birds/rabbits/etc. because of my dog and the neighborhood kids.

two of the cats hanging out on my neighbor's shed
  • I'm addicted to Farmville. I was bored one day and gave in.
  • My addiction to Farmville is so bad that just mentioning it above made me go check it.
  • Emma just ate a fabric butterfly.
  • I saw this at the store the other day. It made me sad because it is PERFECT for Bear. We usually gave each other a few ornaments every year. But Christmas no longer exists in our house.
  • I keep thinking today is Sunday.
  • I'm going to be on an emotional roller coaster the next few weeks with Bear's 1st angel day coming up, followed by his birthday 2 days later and my birthday 5 days after his, and not to mention with Christmas coming up. (My second without him and my 5th without her) So bear with me, will you. I'll try to keep my negative posting on my other blog, but it might slip out here too.
  • I haven't ended this post because I think as soon as I do I will think of something awesome to say.
  • But I haven't yet, so I'll end it now and do another brain dumping soon.


Michelle said...

Im addicted to Farmville too...and Fish World...!

~~Mel~~ said...

Farmville and Cafe World consume my life

I love the "Brain Dumping" idea...very fun and random too.

((((Hugs)))) I know hard times are coming up for you...I totally get it and hope you know we are all here for you.

sweet limes said...

Can I give you a suggestion? I say go and buy the tree ornament. I still buy my babe stuff I see that I would have loved to have gotten her and it's been a few years.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Love the Kibble smile! Also, I'm not going anywhere near Farmville. I know too many people addicted to it. I've got enough addictions with my blog and twittering!

Ter... I'll be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers over the next few weeks. I'm sure it must be very difficult.

Anonymous said...

I think those were your angels smiling at you.