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Monday, November 9, 2009

Attempt At Menu Planning Leads To Extreme Blog Hopping

So, I've been attempting to get back on track with my menu planning.

I have alot of good recipes but I find myself not wanting to make alot of them for one reason or another.
"It's too much work for one person", "It makes me sad", "My husband loved this dish", "The last time we ate it was... ".

It's all just excuses. In truth, most of the newer recipes I've been making are equal in the amount of prep work or time it takes to make. I still get sad because my husband can't try these new recipes. So, my excuses don't really matter in the end.

However, I still find myself obsessively looking for new recipes. Yesterday, I spent the bulk of the day looking at food blogs. Drooling, getting hungrier by the second. There are so many fantastic food blogs out there! One of these days I'll compile a list of links on my blog.

It lead me to wonder though, how come there isn't a way (that I've noticed anyway - correct me if I'm wrong) to categorize your blog links in the blog reader on blogger? It would help alot!

Anyway, here's my attempt to menu plan this week:

Monday - Roasted Red Pepper Soup (gotta use up the last of the farmers market peppers)

Tuesday - Shrimp Stir Fried Rice and Spring Rolls (using leftover rice from Sunday's meal)

Wednesday - Tortellini Soup with Garlic and Rosemary Infused Broth *new*

Thursday - Chicken Souvlaki (which I marinaded and froze last week in my attempts to start freezer meals), Lemon Potatoes and Greek Salad

Friday - Probably take out (since I have a doctor's appointment late in the afternoon) or something really quick. Suggestions welcomed!

Saturday - ?

Sunday - Butternut Squash Soup (I was going to chop up all the squash and freeze it for later use but cutting up raw squash is a real pain.)

Looking for some new ideas for Acorn Squash .... any suggestions?

What's on your menus this week?


blueviolet said...

If you use google reader, you can sort them into folders. I don't know about Blogger and the dashboard though. I've never used that.

Ter said...

I thought it was the same thing... gonna have to see if I can figure it out! :)

Jodi said...

You are making me hungry! I am so un-inspired when it comes to dinner!

Controlling My Chaos said...

I know what you mean. There are so many food blogs and so little time. I could spend days looking at all of them . . .

Kayla said...

I am hopelessy adicted to food blogs and food photography.I always visit sites like and and get inspired to cook for my family. Never heard of Google Reader before.

Shea said...

Sounds delicious! Can you move in and be my chef? We are having butternut squash soup this week also. Chili, then nachos with the leftover chili. Fajitas. That's all I have planned right now.

Karen said...


Jenners said...

Wow...your menu planning is better and more ambitious than mine. I alternate between "Something with Chicken" and "Something with Beef" broken up by "Something with Noodles."

And you can create more than one blogroll and put them on your sidebar. Just add a gadget (New Blogroll) and then put the blogs you want for "Food Blogs" in that blogroll. Then add another one for a different category. Hope that helps.l

Ter said...

Jenners, I used to do that but my blog roll got too long so I deleted it from the sidebar once I figured how to put blogs in my dashboard reader...

and "something with chicken" lol I'd be afraid to try it if that's what it was called!

Michelle said...

I just made some butternut squash soup a couple of weeks ago (I got the recipe from It always feels good to make some yummy soup when fall hits.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm I love soups!