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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where Can I Find Free Easy SlideShow Program Online?

I'm looking for a slideshow program online that I can make a slideshow with.

I was using onetruemedia as I have in the past but now they won't let you add captionings to the slideshow photos unless you PAY for it and I am not willing to pay for it at this point, not to mention I can't afford to.

so where do you get your slideshows done??

I heard Flickr was one option so I tried that but I couldn't figure it out at all. What a pain.

If you use flicker, HOW do you use it? I can't figure it out and that just frustrates me!!!!


amber said...

I was going to recommend Flickr too. I don't know of any others.

Audrey said...

I save all my photos on They have a really easy slideshow program.

Vickie said...

I was gonna say, but Audrey beat me to it:)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm not that great with this stuff. I just use flickr to upload photos, never videos.

Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

Picassa is a free photo thingy... on the web, included in your google account. From your gmail screen, on the top left, you will see a link that says "more". click it. select "Photos" from the drop down box that comes up.

Create new album. Upload photos. Get persistant link to album (by choosing "link" on the right hand side to get the link to your album.)

In your email to whomeever you are sending this to, tell them to click the link to the album. Then they have to click "slideshow" from the right hand side, and it will run the show of the photos in the album for them.

Should be easy peasy! I didn't look into putting captions on the photos, but I assume you can because when you start the slide show it gives you the option to turn the captions off.

Piccassa is completely free and can be used over the web or downloaded to your PC. I like it and find it very easy to use, but it is sort of limited in what it can do. but hey, it's FREE!

Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

Ok, from the help files in Flickr:

How do I share a slideshow?

Easy! Just start a slideshow and click the Share link in the upper right of the screen. From there just grab the URL or even get the code to embed your slideshow on another site.

How do I view a slideshow?

We automatically create slideshows for you in most of the places you want them around Flickr. Keep your eyes peeled for slideshow links at the top of the page on photostreams, tag pages, set pages, group pools and search results.

When you're in a slideshow, use the controls at the bottom to pause or play. Click the photo or video to see more info, or click Help to view all the controls. You can even change the speed or play it backwards using the Options menu!

And by all means, click the full screen icon on the bottom right, sit back, and enjoy the show

Ok, see if that helps. (I found this stuff on the bottom of the page in the Help link, then on the FAQ page.)

Jenners said...

Try Free and easy. : )