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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Etsy Shop Spotlight: Creative G's Boutique

Today, I am starting a new feature on my blog: Etsy Shop Spotlight. This feature will spotlight an Etsy Shop whose products I believe are worthy of promoting.

Perhaps Etsy Shop Spotlight will become a regular feature on my blog. If you are an Etsy Shop Owner and would like me to promote your shop and/or products, please email me!

Etsy Shop Spotlight:

1. What is your name?

Sarah G.

2. What is the name of your shop? When did it open?

It’s called Creative G’s Boutique and I opened it last November.

3. Tell us a little about the product(s) you sell on your shop?

I have invitations, Mommy Calling Cards, Etsy Store designs and more. It’s really a sampling of what I can do...I can accommodate custom design orders. The key to my store though is that I don’t print anything. I prepare the graphic file and the buyer can use it to print at home,
send to printer or use it for email/blogs.

Here are a few of my designs (click images for product details):

4. Is there a bit of history behind your product(s)? When did you start making your product? What was your inspiration?

I actually started it as a way to brush up on my graphic design skills. I had used those skills in college but then never used them again. So I wanted to teach myself again and at the same time, I had friends and family that wanted me to design invitations for them. So I decided to post a few of those online as well as some other graphic design items (Etsy store banners, mommy calling cards, etc). I do a lot of custom invitation designs via friends and family.

5. Would you recommend Etsy to other sellers? What are the pros/cons?

Etsy is great because of the wonderful selection of products from very talented artists. You can find anything you want and you know that the items are truly unique and not commercial or retail in any way.

6. Have you got a memorable experience as an Etsy seller and/or buyer that you would like to share?

Haven’t sold anything yet purely b/c I don’t spend as much time as I should promoting my store. That is my goal for this year!


Sarah G. has offered a free custom design for the first With An Angel On My Shoulder reader to "visit my store and heart me :)" She will be tracking this on her shop once this post is published. So, head on over to Creative G's Boutique and check out all her wonderful graphics!

Thank you, Sarah G., for partaking in this Etsy Shop Spotlight!


Anonymous said...

Cute stuff! I'm not "etsy literate" so I didn't know how to 'heart' her.

Sarah Guckes said...

Thanks so much for the posting!!!!

pam said...

That is awesome, Ter!

Vickie said...

I like Etsy. I think I will like this feature.

I am going to go and check her shop.

Colleen said...

What a great idea Terri, I look forward to future posts! I can't wait to see the final product!! Thank you so much for the opportunity and taking me to a really talented person.

Jenners said...

What a good idea! You really are a wonderful and selfless blogger!