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Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fragments: Bears and Bees

I won this book!

Thanks, Pam! I look forward to getting it and reading it!


Found money is the best!

In the process of getting my recycling put together to take to the curb, I noticed on the front page of the Future Shop flyer that it said "Free Shipping on any online purchases over $39. Offer not valid on TVs 40" or larger and major appliances. July Only."

So I took my receipt for the purchase of my new television (37") down to the store and asked if I qualified for this Free Shipping. Wasn't sure because it was an online-only sale. Figured it doesn't hurt to ask. And guess what?! They refunded me the 50 dollars plus tax for the shipping.

Moral of the story? Always ask, you never know!


I'm getting anxious about my brother's upcoming wedding in a few weeks. It'll be my first time going to a wedding or any family gathering without my husband. I always knew his wedding would be difficult because my daughter wouldn't be there to be a flower girl, but I thought at least I'd have my husband there to hold my hand through it. I hope I don't loose nerve to go, especially since it's out of town. If it were in town, it'd be easy to go and slip away if need be. I don't know what to do, and have posted more on this topic on my other blog.


And speaking of the aforementioned wedding, I need some gift ideas. I had an idea but it doesn't appear it will work out. I want to make something nice. Any SIMPLE and unique ideas?

Also for baby gift ideas, because, again, the baby gifts I started to make for a couple people aren't panning out the way I had hoped!

Please email me your ideas because gift recipients sometimes read my blog!


I've already been to the gym more times in August so far than in all of July. Go me! Hope I can continue.


PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL UPDATE: I am still way behind on this. I still need to get my student loans applied for. Had so much trouble getting it even started. Hopefully, it will be all done by the weekend so the process can be completed. I also need to deal with getting interpreter and sorting out how that will work. July was just a difficult month with being sick, a computer crash and of course all the bad days (my daughter's angel day/birthday, our wedding anniversary- first without Bear and all the other dates leading up to those days, last ultrasound, etc.) that I didn't achieve much and quite frankly, didn't attempt much either, and so am now way behind.


Now, whether or not I go back to school in September, I am in need of finding myself a routine that works. My previous routine was faulty at best, and basically crumbled away with my husband's illness and since. I would love to hear more about your routines. What works for you? I will probably do a full post on this next week. I look forward to your comments about this.


And if I don't go back to school in September, I'll have to start looking for a new job. I'm very nervous about this idea. I don't know why. It literally puts me in a panic some days and then I just can't do anything else. In the main time though, I hope to make a few bucks here and there with my notebooks. I know it's not going to make much of a difference but it's a start.


I love getting fresh veggies from the farmer's market! Everything just tastes so much better. I wish we could get it year round!


Friday Funny:

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Anonymous said...

Market veggies are the best!

Good luck at the wedding.

I usually make diaper cakes for baby gifts. Very simple yet looks like it took forever.

Bee and Rose said...

I do the same thing that YaYa does! I make diaper cakes for baby gifts too!

I've been trying to work out a routine too:)

Have a wonderful weekend, Ter!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Hey Ter, sounds like you've been having a busy summer. Great job and keep up the routine with the gym. I WISH I could find a routine that I could stick with. It's very hard for me! Best of luck and I'll be thinking about you with the wedding. Hopefully you can lean on your family and friends and they will be a support for you and help you get through this first event without your husband. I know it's not easy.

Hope you enjoy your weekend...

Anonymous said...

PS Thank you for leaving a comment on my behalf over at La Dolce Vita! ;)

Audrey said...

Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm in Manitoba! It is really nice meeting other Canadian Bloggers!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Yay for getting a refund on the shipping and yay for going to the gym so much. It looks like you're on the right track. Can I come?

Jenners said...

Good for you for going to the gym and for asking and getting the refund. Can't hurt to ask!!!!

And as far as routines, I think it is important for someone in your state of mind (a bit fragile) to just set a small goal every day that is a step toward one of your bigger goals and try to get one small thing done each day. Does that sound like something that will work? I always think it is daunting to start with a HUGE project but once you break it down into small pieces, it becomes more doable.

And as far as the wedding, can you go with a friend? That might help things out. Wishing you the best.