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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Book Review: The Secret Life of Bees - Sue Monk Kidd

(note: I meant to add this earlier but my internet has been wonky all week. Hopefully it settles down soon before I go completely insane. If you don't see me around for a while, that's why!)


The Secret Life Of Bees – Sue Monk Kidd

Set in South Carolina in 1964.

Fourteen-year-old Lily Owens' only memories of her mother revolve around the day she was killed and those memories are minimal and horrific. Her father has been resentful and cruel towards her for her entire life. Lily has tried time and again to gain her father's love and approval, only to have her attempts backfire.

When her nanny, Rosaleen, a strong-willed black woman, finds herself in trouble, Lily takes this as opportunity to get away from her father. She decides to go to the only place she can think of where she might find answers about her mother. Going solely upon the name of a town written on the back of a picture of the Black Madonna, she and Rosaleen find their way towards freedom and answers.

I really enjoyed this book. While it gives perspective of racism in the 1960's, this story isn't really about racism, but about the spirits inside oneself. It shows us that family doesn't always mean the people you are born to, and that your true self can be found deep within, if you just look.

Conclusion: Glad I picked up this book.


Furious Mom said...

One of my all time favorite books! I have read it a few times. Yet to see the movie yet though!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'll add it to my list of books to read!

Jo said...

Haven't read the book... but the movie was great :)

Vickie said...

This was an excellent book! I enjoy alot. I even got weepy a few times near the end.

Don't know if I am gonna see the movie.

Jenners said...

I read this maybe 2 years ago and remember liking it. And I think you did a good job of summing up the message of the book! You are so much more succint than me! : )

amber said...

I love that book!

Rocksee said...

it's a great book!@

Sarah C. said...

Sounds like a wonderful book. Great review, Ter!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that book and I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed the movie too!

Lisa notes... said...

I just finished reading the book and watching the movie and loved both. You wrote a nice review. May God continue to bless you on your journey of healing as you are blessing others.