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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We are having unseasonably warm temperatures which are surely just a tease! However, it is dangerously icy outside. So icy, in fact, that people are literally SKATING on the roads. I saw it on the news last night, and then just in the last hour I actually saw a few people with skates skating down the street!!

My poor pup wants to go for a walk and I want to take her.... but I won't... not with all that ice!! Past experience has taught me that Ter + Ice = Broken Knee. (And this lesson was taught to me a few times now, although not always broken, but re-injure an old severe injury!)

So for now, we shall continue to long for real spring to arrive. Nix that. We shall long for summer!


Amber said...

It is really icy here too. It rained Sunday night and all day yesterday.

Vickie said...

Ouch, broken knees. I have problems with my knees too, but since I have been losing a little weight, they have been feeling better.

It is going to be in the 50s today! I opened up some windows to air out the house.

Thanks for the spellcheck:)

Jo said...

Oh my! Stay off the ice!

Speaking of ice... did you hear about the idiots who went out on the ice here in the states? And a huge ice floe broke off and they were floating away and had to be rescued by helicopters? What a bunch of fools! There were over 100 of them out there!! Dumbasses!

Ouch! You definitely don't need to re-injure that knee!!!

Kristina P. said...

Holy cow! I hate ice and I hate ice skating, so I wouldn't be very happy!

Teri said...

Wow! That ice sounds both dangerous & fun! :) Be safe, though - no more broken knees!

And yes, you must get google analytics on your blog! Type google analytics into google & it will give you installation instructions, etc. If you get confused (I know I did), just look online for FAQs and they'll point you in the right direction. The only thing you need to know is that if you change your layout, you'll have to re-add the analyzer each time! It's interesting!

pam said...

I have to admit I have never seen people skating on the road!!

Jenners said...

Ice skating down the streets! Now that is something I've never seen ... and never hope to see! Stay warm and safe inside!

Joc(e) said...

Ice under your feet is bad, mmmmkay? Stay safe...summer's just around the corner ;-)

Yaya said...

Yup, I'm tired of winter.