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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pay It Forward #1 Your Chance To Win!

I first heard of the Pay It Forward game going on in Bloggieville when I read about it in this post on Laura's blog, Girl in a Swirl. Much to my surprise, I won!

My prize arrived in the mail yesterday in this oh-so-cute envelope!

And this is what was inside!

The Sandwritten photo with Bear & Babybear's name on it made me cry! It was such a wonderful thing to see, and I will treasure this gift forever.

If you think you recognize the card, you probably do! It was made by Anjeny, of Ramblings of an Islander for my card challenge! She helped Laura put together this wonderful gift for me.

Thank you Laura & Anjeny!

Now, the rules of the bloggieville Pay It Forward states that I must give a homemade gift to my readers. The original rule says to send it to the first 3 commenters of this post, however, since I have won three, (can you believe it? THREE!), Pay It Forwards, I am going to do it a little differently!!

For each of my Pay It Forwards, I will do a post like this and I will randomly pick one person from the comments to receive the prize from me. I will leave the comments open for 24 hours and then using the Random Number Generator, I will pick a winner. :) Canada and US addresses only, please. I apologize to my international friends!

The winner will win a homemade gift from me! I can't promise I'll display nearly as much talent as Laura & Anjeny did, but I'll do my best! The winner then must "Pay It Forward" a homemade gift on their own blog.

Good Luck!

This Giveaway Is Closed. Join Us Next Time!


E and K Rausch said...

Ok I will do it! count me in :)

pam said...

What a wonderful gift, how thoughtful!!

Anjeny said...

You are most welcome Ter. Like I said in my post when I first tried out your challenge, I made that card with you in mind. So I was only too glad to send you the card when Laura told me you've won her Pay It Forward get away.

I'd like to participate your Pay It Forward so count me in. :)


Mama Kat said...

I'm new and visiting from Jenners! What a great little spot in blog world you have here...I can't wait to read more of your story!!

April said...

What thoughtful gifts...amazing how a little kindness can brighten one's day!

Teri said...

I would love to participate! I saw your blog about this earlier today, but I didn't know what I would give if I won...I'll come up with something, though! :)

Caitlin said...

Woohoo! Can't wait to see what you come up with, even if I don't win.
(Which may be a good thing- I am not that creative so my "Pay it Forward" gift to my readers would be a bummer...

Vickie said...

This pay it forward sounds like fun. I am gonna have to think of what to make if I won. My creativity lately isn't jiven' well.

I also had a Sandwritten picture done for my Baby. I am gonna put in a frame with a poem from Yaya's blog.

liz said...

Add me! I think this sounds so fun! And it reminds me that I still haven't sent your gift! Ugh. :)

Jenners said...

Ummmmmm.. I want to support you on this but I'm afraid my limited crafting skills would be quite a downer for anyone who had to get something handmade from me. But I can try. (Please don't pick me. Please don't pick me. Please don't pick me.)