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Sunday, December 14, 2008


When I saw this the other day, I knew I just had to get it. It was only $4.00, so I could justify spending the money.

I will likely put it up in my living room somewhere. However, the problem lies in the fact that it is black, and my living room is mostly brown tones.

The wall looks white in the photo because of my flash and bad lighting, but it is actually "cracked wheat" a yellowish tone. The rest of the living room is various shades of brown.

I am thinking about dry brushing it with some brown paint. I am not sure how well this would work as the sign appears to be a hard plastic.

Would you recommend trying to brush it with brown? Your advice and opinions are much appreciated.


Jo said...

Oh my gosh, Ter! I love it! I like how you did the pic of the B cool... you should print that and frame it and hang it up too :) You could do the B in an 8x10 frame and then do smaller pics of the flowers to put around it... that would look so cool :)

I think the black would look fine with brown tones. Although I already told you that in chat :)

It is so neat. Love it!


Teri said...

I agree that the black will look great with your browns. I mix lots of browns and blacks, actually. Hope you're doing ok. (((HUGS)))

Jen Sue Wild said...

What a great singh.
There is 2 things you can do if you want it brown
A spray paint it.
Be witch is what I would do.
Take and sand the edges all around and in the middle then take an antique medium and brushit on and then wipe it off. Then it will have brown tones
Or leave it how it is.

I have Brownfurniture moca walls yet most of my accent pices are black. Rember black is a nutral and goes with any thing..

Supercool Hotmama said...

I'm with Jen on the painting. I like her idea of sanding and then brushing over with the brown and wiping some off. I Think it will be stunning however you do it. And, as she said, the black would look great too.