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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Card Making Challenge

I've really gotten into card making. It is enjoyable, allows me to be creative, and it doesn't take a whole lot of time to do a single card! The photos at the bottom of this post are just a few of the cards I've made lately. I messed up a bit on the first one, but over all I like how they have turned out.

Who's up to do a card making challenge? Here's what I'm thinking.... Make one card every week of 2009, post it on your blog and link it here on my blog so other people can see it. I will attempt to add a Mr. Linky for you to use. (edit: I've got myself a Mr. Linky account but none of it makes sense.... can anyone explain it to me??) (edit #2 : I figured it out! Yay! So, next Sunday you'll be able to link to your blog post about your card.)

That's it! I'm thinking that Sunday would be a good day to post the links. The first Sunday of 2009 is January 4th. Are you up to it? It can be fun to share our creative ideas and enjoy each other's card making skills. Feel free to link to this post on your own blog and invite others to join in on the fun!

Your cards can be of any subject matter. However I will be taking suggestions for a few subjects as prompts for those who can not think of a subject matter. Email me or post a comment below with ideas for prompts.

Remember you do not have to follow the topic of the prompt every week, those are just there to give you some ideas.

Week 1 - January 4 - Happy New Year

With out further adieu, here are a few of the cards I've made in the last few weeks. Yes, the theme seems to be "Thank You" as I've been making them for people who brought us food or helped out while my husband was in the hospital and after he died. I'm glad to accept any critique you may have.


Jo said...

OH.... I love the one with the polka dot background and the ripped paper. I love polka dots :)

I am definitely up for the challenge. Was thinking one theme could be to use rubber stamps? I have a TON of them and need some motivation to USE them :)

Hey... I need to email my MIL with this challenge.

Jo said...

oh, and PS... I'm glad you decided to do it :)

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful cards, Ter! Great challenge idea. I'll try to participate as often as I can. :)

Tiffany said...

beautiful cards. I really should start making more cards so I will have them ahead of time.

Ter said...

Now's your chance, Tiffany! :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

Allright I need to bring all my scrap goodies up from my crawl space and get to work!!

DivineChoice said...

I love these cards and I really like your idea.
It will be a great motivator and inspirational task. I'm up for that.

Joc(e) said...

Those are great! I wish I could commit to this project but alas, time is short. I'll follow along in your blog though! :-)

Why Do We Even Have That Lever? said...

See, how much fun will it be to make your own paper to make cards with!!!! :-)

Hum... I might be able to make one a month... ha! you know how often I scrap book. I love it, but I think it was um... January of 2008 last time I got any done! eeek!

I am glad you issued this challenge though, lets see how it works out!