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Friday, November 14, 2008

P.S. I Love You - The Book Vs The Movie

(note: book review was written several weeks prior to movie review)

P.S. I Love You - Cecelia Ahern (The Book)

Gerry and Holly were childhood sweethearts looking forward to the rest of their lives when Gerry is diagnosed with a brain tumor.

After his death, Holly is thrilled to discover that he has left behind letters for her to read. But according to his instructions she can only read one letter a month. Each letter gives her a task that Gerry asks her to do and she finds herself anxiously anticipating the next letter. It is as if Gerry is still with her.

As she completes the tasks, she finds herself living life again. This causes a wide range of emotions in Holly. How could she possibly live without her soul mate?

P.S. I Love You was different than I had anticipated as I thought it would be more about the letters that Gerry had written. However, I was not disappointed in the book at all.

There were moments where I laughed out loud and there were moments I felt tears filling up my eyes. To me, a sign of a good book is one that brings out real emotions to the reader. Therefore, this was a good book. I am looking forward to comparing it with the movie.

P.S. I Love You - The Movie

The worst part about watching a movie when I have read the book is that I find myself constantly comparing the two. The movie version of P.S. I Love You was not a bad movie, I enjoyed it. However, some parts were not true to the book. Some parts were smushed together to make one part of the movie. Holly and Gerry were not childhood sweethearts but instead meet when she was in college.

That being said, I would still recommend the movie. The Eye Candy (Gerard Butler, Jeffrey Dean Morgan) alone make it worthwhile. However, as any true bookworm would say, the book is always the better option.


Jo said...

And yet another book for me to read! My list is getting way too long :)


Jenners said...

I didn't realize this was the plot of the book ... I'd seen some trailers for the movie but didn't really know what it was about. Sounds kind of good ... but I'll skip the movie. (Books are always better anyway.)

forwardtumble said...

Did you know the book was written by the (former) Prime Minister of Ireland's daughter? Just a bit of trivia..