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Friday, August 29, 2008

My Husband is in the Hospital

He called me at work and told me that the clinic called him at his work and asked him to come for an MRI this afternoon. I told him to call me when he is done then I will come pick him up. He called me just as I arrived home. Since Emma had been in the kennel for 7 hours, which was about 2-3 hours longer than I thought she would be, I took her with me to pick him up. On the way there, my cell phone went off but it was in my pocket and I was driving so I couldn't get it. It turns out that just as my husband was walking out the door after calling me, the nurse ran out and called him in. They told him that the results of the MRI were bad and he must go to the other hospital immediately and the spinal surgeon will be there waiting for him in the emergency ward.

So, I arrived to pick him up, with Emma in the back seat. He got in the car and started crying. If you know him, he never cries. The only time I have ever really seen him cry was when our daughter died and when we brought her home in her ugly little bottle.

Of course, seeing him cry, I knew something was wrong and he told me that we had to take Emma home and go back to the other hospital. After nearly an hour of driving, we arrive at the emergency clinic and they have no idea what we are talking about. They page the spinal unit and tell us to wait. We wait for nearly 3 hours and my husband is in so much pain that he decides he does not want to wait anymore. We went and told them that we were going to leave and they can call us when they hear back from the spinal unit. So we got in the car and drove half an hour home and we see that they have called just a minute before we walked in the door. We called them back and the surgeon assistant or whatever he is says they are waiting for us, come back immediately. So we have not eaten. I still have not eaten since I got back because I'm too upset to cook myself some food.

Anyway we get back and finally we get called back to where the surgeon assistant or whatever he is, and he tells us the results of the MRI show a growth on his back. Now in the last 5 or 6 weeks, we have been told he sprained his muscles, he has a pinched nerve, he may have a herniated disc. But today, we are told there is a mass growing on his spine, possibly cancer, and that is the reason for all his pain. In fact they said he should not be walking... it's that bad, I guess.

So now he is in the hospital being drugged up and in the morning the head surgeon will arrive and assess him and determine a course of action.

I'm scared.


Anonymous said...

You two will be in my prayers.

Jo said...

Oh my god Ter! I am SOOO sorry! I have been praying and praying for you and B!

Please update as you can. And tell B that our prayers are with him!