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Saturday, March 15, 2008

SMART Habit Saturday - Not Very SMART

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I need someone to hold my hand and guide me. I'm trying, really trying, but I can't seem to get my SMART Habits to go from thought to action. I over think everything but actually getting around to doing things is a whole 'nother mater.

On the upside, the habit of doing dishes while making supper has improved greatly. This is partly due to the fact that this was one thing my husband was on board with and so he often pitches in with this. Sometimes we let them drip dry, but at least they are done. Some days I long for a working dishwasher. We have one but it doesn't clean too well, it's been here goodness knows how long, it came with the house.

I am trying hard to work on my housework. It's so frustrating to come home after a full day of cleaning houses and see that my house is still not sparkling. How can it be so messy when I have been cleaning all day? Logically, I know why, but my exhausted self can't believe my house isn't completely spotless! (Note: today I vacuumed the whole house whoo!)

Any schedule that I make for house cleaning falls through because of a long day at work or something coming up unexpectedly, or whatever. Not to mention that my dog thinks anything we are doing MUST be play. She barks continuously at the vacuum (and anything that makes noise) and will try and play tug of war with my cleaning rags. As much as I need a schedule, it's not working for me either! Obviously, being spontaneous doesn't work either, so I don't know...

My after-work routine is in dire need of work and my bedtime routine is virtually non-existent. My morning routine is rush, rush, no matter how much time I give myself.

After work, I plan to put my supplies away and clean out my bag. Make sure I have everything ready for the next day and put my water bottle in the freezer. But usually this is hindered by the fact that I have to pee when I get home, and my pup wants to play. Not to mention, by this time I'm starving and I need to shower to get all the grime off my skin.

Bedtime comes too fast for me and I am distracted right up til I'm too tired to keep my eyes open or I absolutely have to get into the bed and fall asleep or I won't be able to wake up in the morning (which really, it doesn't matter how much sleep I get. I can get 2 hours or 12 hours, it won't matter, mornings on work days are impossible to get up at the first alarm) So, generally I find myself taking my medication and crawling into bed without brushing my teeth or anything else.

In the mornings, I should have more time to get ready with the current job I have. But I still hit snooze for about an hour before I drag myself out of bed and move like molasses even though I feel like I'm rushing as fast as I can go. I get everything done, it just takes too long.

In regards to grocery shopping, I am still not as organized as I want to be. I still forget things or they aren't put on the list. I do my menu planning but it never seems to be ready in time to go for groceries and so then my menu changes or I have to go out again to get something.

Sometimes it's because of sales or other factors. For example: if I go Friday after work: pros - get it done right away and the weekend is free. con - last day of sales and some sale items will be gone. If I go Saturday morning: pros - first day of sales - lots of items in stock. cons - my weekend becomes shorter - often I can't get motivated to go early enough and end up getting there when the store is packed and lines are so long that I fear I'll never see the outside world again. I've thought about going another day of the week but so far it hasn't really worked out that way, usually because I don't have a shopping list or menu plan ready yet.

So, that's about where I stand right now! Hopefully, you're all being SMARTer than me!


Jen said...

I sent you an email! Keep plugging along and it will click!!

The Lazy Organizer said...

Keep working at it!

Anonymous said...

Is there a problem here? It sounds like you are a lot like every, nonperfect human being I know.

You obviously take time to read...and that's a good thing!!!! Perhaps, your goal should be in accepting that your not perfect. Man, what a relief that will be!!!


Joc(e) said...

Ter, I know that my depression keeps me from doing a LOT of things in the "right" way. My house is dirty, I don't take care of myself very well, I don't go to the store every week, yada yada yada. I know it's because of things I can't control but I still feel bad too (not to mention my other half criticizes my lack of motivation...too bad he doesn't just jump in and do more himself.). As "Anonymous" (aka Dana...LOL) said, you are not perfect and that's OK. Just do what you can. (((HUGS)))