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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - my poor car!

Not an entirely wordless post...
This is the result of the accident on Dec. 21st when I was hit by a semi truck. The insurance company has put it down as over $5000 damages which they say is about what my car is worth since it is 6 years old. We've had it for 5 years and are just 2 months shy of finally paying it off! Ack! So, they are writing our car off. We have to surrender it soon. They didn't give us a date but basically we have to get a new car ASAP or be without a car. I want to get a van but my husband says that we can't afford a van with gas prices, etc. He's probably right, but I really don't know if I want another small car. *shrug* But at least I was proven right about one thing... a few months ago my husband was saying we can't do any renovations in our house until we got the car paid off because then we'll have an extra $300 a month. I said just you wait, something will break down or come up and we'll no longer have an extra $300 a month coming! Was I right, or WAS I RIGHT? Too bad it had to be our car!

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Blake and Lilly's Momma said...


You know... some mini vans get really good gas mileage :)

Post a pic when you get your new wheels :)


Scribbit said...

Talk about irony--too bad!

Sarah C. said...

Oh, no! :( Being hit is bad enough, but I do believe dealing w/ insurance companies is the real nightmare. Ugh. Hope you can find new, affordable wheels soon.

Both our cars (Honda Accord & CR-V) were purchased used and at other dealerships (ie, not Honda). I've found this helps cut the cost as comparable vehicles at the Honda dealership were at least $5k more. And Jo is right - some vans do get good mileage. Check for info on any vehicles you might be interested in.

Anonymous said...

yikes! that really stinks! good luck with the car hunting. i think it's always fun to look at cars- payments not so much!


'Berta said...

What an awful way to end a year and begin another!

If you can, a diesel is so much cheaper to run than gas...I was a doubter until I bought one. Now I can get up to 900 km/tank with my VW Jetta.

Good luck!

Jen Sue Wild said...

That just stinks big time Ter..

Totallyscrappy said...

Ugh! I can't believe you were that close to being payment free!! Good luck car hunting.