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Monday, December 3, 2007

4 Blondes

The latest book I've read is called "4 Blondes".
While it was a readable book, I can't say it was a very good book. The book is actually 4 separate stories, each about, you guessed it, a blonde.
My biggest peeve about the book was that each story would go on without anything really happening and then suddenly it will end. The other annoyance in this book was all the initials and drop off sentences. This occurred mostly in the characters conversations where the sentence would drop off followed by something like "..." naming that famous actor. It irked me. If the author did not want to name actual famous people, then why not make up characters that are famous in the story? The author did this too for some famous locations or magazines as well.
As I said earlier, this book was "readable". By that I mean I was able to get through the book but I certainly wouldn't put this on any MUST READ lists. Perhaps I should say this book is actually forgettable, not readable!
The author is famous for her book "Sex and The City" but after reading "4 Blondes", I'm not too sure I want to read any books written by the author. I think "Sex and The City" will just have to forever be a television show in my mind.


Dawn said...

It sounds like a book to avoid. I need to read more. I love to read but I just don't make the time for it. Or maybe it's because I have to pay off a huge fine on my library card before I can go back.

O said...

Hey, Happy Birthday to you, too! Nice that we will both enter the year with cleared spaces in our lives. Hope it's happy!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I can't stand waisting my ime reading a bad book.. It just leaves you Blahh afterwards..