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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

Rocks in My Dryer hosts "Works For Me Wednesday". This week WFMW is "backwards" ... instead of giving a tip, we are requesting them. I thought that would make this week a good time to officially join WFMW.

I could probably come up with many questions, but I'll only post one.

What "natural" cleaning products can I use to clean my house? I know that I could use Water and Vinegar as a windex but what is the ratio of water vs. vinegar? What works well on floors (both hardwood and regular floors) ? If I can use natural products that would be great as it would not only save money but no chemicals! :)

(p.s. I can't seem to comment on TypePad blogs.... so if you're a TypePad blogger, I appologize that I won't be able to respond. If you could contact the TypePad support to find out why some people can't comment, let me know. Thanks in advance! :)


Crafty P said...

baking soda is my best friend. I love it! cleans the bathtub so well! I add it into the washer at times as well.

Borax is also a great product to have on hand. I have a recipe that i found online for cleaning ceramic tile floors that uses some borax and other simple things.

I know a lot of people love castille soap as well. I have a bottle but have yet to use it!

I'm also a fan of water/vinegar to clean my windows!

Debs said...

An online friend of mine has a buisness that makes natural cleaners. I hope you don't mind if I leave you the link to her website.

Lisa said...

I use vinegar and water--a 50/50 mix in a designated spray bottle (labeled).

Baking soda I will use once in a while.

I really like Charlie's Soap. It is pretty green and has SO many uses. I use the general cleaner.

Ter said...

thanks for your comments everyone :)

Anna said...

There are loads of uses for vinegar

Also I make my own bench cleaner - make a strong tea by boiling mint and rosmary in water for a few minutes. Let it cool and strain. Pour into a spray bottle and add several drops each of tea tree oil and lavender oil (both natural antibaterials) a squirt of dishwashing liquid and a splash of vinegar. It smells so much nicer than chemical cleaners.

Ter said...

Thanks Anna! I tried to go to your blog to make a comment but it wouldn't come up. I'll try again later. :)

jen said...

I use Murphy's Oil Soap on our hard wood floors. It is great! I don't know if it's actually a green cleaner, but it doesn't have the chemical smell of other cleaners and it says it's biodegradable and phosphate free. And one bottle lasts forever even though we have a LOT of wood floor in our house - considering that, I'm pretty sure it's cost effective! (I may use it a bit more diluted than the instructions call for, but it's always plenty sudsy and cleans great with no residue!)