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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

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I've been wanting to join Tackle It Tuesday, but I never seem to tackle anything on Tuesdays. haha Technically, I tackled a week ago Saturday, but I took the picture today. That should count for something!!

My husband and I both need new winter gear for this year. Our boots from the last couple years are worn out and our feet were getting wet last winter. We both needed new jackets. My husband's old jacket got caught on the fence and ripped. My old jacket is still in decent enough shape but it is so poofy that I have hardly worn it in the last few years, preferring to just wear a couple sweaters and my fall jacket. It was a great jacket when I was primarily a bus-rider but since we got our car a few yrs ago, I've found it to be uncomfortable and unnecessary to have such a huge (and blue!) jacket.

So, we went out and got new ones. Amazingly, we both were able to find something on the first day of trying and before it actually snowed! ;)

Here's my new winter jacket and boots!

don't know if you can tell from the photo but the boots have these silly little fur-like detail around the laces, which I didn't really like, but the boots are nice and warm and made for -40 weather. Then when I found the jacket that also has fur-like detail (around the cuffs and the hood) I thought they went well together. :)


Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

OOoo... they look nice and warm!!

I need to have Blake try on his winter gear... he may need new snow pants if his are too short :(

So.. where are pics of B's gear?? And Emma's?? LOL!!!


Ter said...

I didn't take a pic of B's gear. I could, if people really want me to! lol and Emma's gear is self-grown. lol.

peppylady said...

I switch back in forth between tackle it Tuesday and heads or tails.

Donetta said...

Nice coat it has been so long from the last time I saw snow. Arizona we don't need jackets. Russia, it was cold there.

Joc(e) said...

I have a leather coat for when it gets "cold" here, LOL. Don't need boots although there have been times when I wish I had rain boots for when it pours, which is relatively often. But you never know when it's gonna happen. Anyway, nice stuff :-)

Jen Sue Wild said...

Cute winter gear..

Allison said...

pretty coat! I don't know what I'm gonna wear when it gets a little colder! I can't justify buying a coat no matter how cold it gets, because I won't need it past Dec. 10th! :-) But, I might have to resort to bringing a blanket to cover my tummy when I can't do my coat up. heh.

I have taken to buying winter stuff just after Christmas. Last year I got Danica a $100+ snow suit for $40 at Sears after Christmas. She couldn't wear it until this year, however, she needs it for this year. And it was soooo cheap! And it came with snow pants, jacket, hat, odd head wrap thing that looks like a bandana and a purse thing. Cause toddlers need purses. heh.
What's with the silly verification thing every time I want to comment!! its annoying... :-)

Gen said...

HI!! CUTE! Don't need boots for