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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday (Oct. 27)

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I am still in need of working on my previous habits which is mostly my bedtime routine, or as it's been renamed "evening" routine. The last couple of weeks have been out of sorts and I really need to get working on that.

However, I come to the realization that I am the kind of person who needs timetables and schedules (like at work or school) and a way to have them enforced so that I don't slack off or procrastinate. I am very organized and timely when I'm working or at school but when I am at home I get distracted or I will keep telling myself "later". I have been doing alright at getting to bed on time, but I still don't always get things done before bed.

One night last week, I was looking at my folders for work to double check where I was going to be working the next day and what was in store at that particular place (eg. Client's "must do" list) and while I was looking at that, my husband said something to the effect that I must really love the folders. I asked him what made him say that. He pointed out how I love organization and things like that. Anyway, the next day as I was working and consulting these folders I realized that I do like them, and that maybe I should start a folder system for my own household chores. I have tried to put together lists and binders or various "to do" lists, but maybe I need something like this folder system at home too. I wonder if that would work.

Anyway, back to SHS, basically, I just need to find what works for me to get everything done in the evenings that need to be done. It doesn't help that most days my husband is either (a) sleeping or (b) gone to work by 7 pm, depending on his shift. So then that leaves me plenty of opportunity to procrastinate or to hide in front of the computer.

So, really, I am not adding a new habit, but trying to reinforce the ones I've already got. I don't know how to get myself to get in gear though.


Rebecca said...

A household folder sounds like a great idea for you. I hope you find something that works for you this week. Have a good one!

O said...

thanks for your comments on my SHS (at MemeGRL)....and I would love your spaghetti squash recipe if you have a chance to post or send it! I have two gorgeous ones sitting on my counter as fall decor but I would love to use them soon...was that feta I saw in there? Thanks again!

Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Hey Ter.... I like the folder idea and am thinking of using that too:) I love folders too and use them ALL the time at work! Great idea!

Said... if you click on the words "spaghetti squash" it'll take you to the recipe :) It does look yummy doesn't it?

How do you pick a good spaghetti squash? I've never had it, would like to try it (shh... don't tell Ter I haven't tried it yet)


Blake and Lilly's Momma said...

Testing to see if my photo appears :) Figured you wouldn't care, eh?

Joc(e) said...

I have folders all over the place...they're not organized though...LOL. Well, some are. You don't want to know how many folders I have on my PC.

amanda said...

Happy Saturday. great habits

Me and Them said...

These sound like great habits. It is SO easy to spend so much time at the computer! I know! Thanks for your comment on my SHS! I'll be checking back with you. :D

The Lazy Organizer said...

I want to hear how the folder thing turns out. It sounds like a great idea if it's already working or you at the office.

I noticed a problem with my site too so do you know what I do about it? I have no clue!